woman in white strap top meditating on bed

Feels so GOod!!!

The Light is rapidly growing on the planet, all efforts of those who work against it become more & more difficult. All is not as it seems through our 5 senses and whatever has been destroyed or taken down will be rebuilt to serve The Highest Good for all on a planet that works for All this time in the strongest foundation there can be : from withIN Out in Oneness and Individualized Soul Journeys which makes our differences of the greatest value as we shift to become our truest Authentic Self each and every moment. And while this takes place our best option is to appreciate any other wherever they stand on their journey as this gives us greater ease in every now moment. Anything less than that only closes the valve of the infinite flow of Love within. It has never been us against them rather The Self (IAM) in alignement with The True Inner Highest Self. We chose to come into these bodies and have been trained for thousands of incarnations in order to Ascend Succefuly within our physical bodies. More and more INNERstand this valuable truth and when this takes place it is Victory, one by one and the more feel into this Truth the faster The Light and The more dark spots are cleared till the only thing is left is Light and then we can all agree It is Safe Now for all to live on a planet that works for all. This is not a task that happens in an instant, even if in higher dimensions it means only a moment. We experience time in physicality and that is why it has often been repeated : It is about the journey, not the destination. EveryONE is doing their best at all times from what they know works best for them and when one is feeling satisfied in whatever they do, it works the miracle for the Whole. Can you imagine everyone applying this in their own lives? minding their own business doing what they love most in full awareness of The Oneness with All Creation? That’s where we are and where heading as a collective. The train is already gaining momentum and it is unstoppable, the possibilities infinite, we never get it done and we will keep expanding, that’s our nature, that’s why we are here and Pure Authentic Joy felt from within wherever i am whatever i do with who ever i am is the main reason of existence. Everything else is result of this sustained feeling of joy and never the other side around. Sending out Love to all to get this Truth is my stance and everything we send out comes back 10,000x. Oh and I know how GOod that Feels!!!! 🙂#feelmorethanfine#SelfLove#Oneness