Feel More Than Fine Wishes

Hi(gh) IAM starting this new series of blogs in order to co-create the most amazing New Earth Realities and The Highest Good For All.

My wishes are simple, personal and seen from my perspective.

Please add yours in what you feel works for you including always The Highest Good For All.

So here we go:

I wish you All To BE in alignement with Source 24/24 allowing Divine Love and Light to flow through with ease and grace.

I wish you All Excellent Well Being, Eternal Peace and Infinite Abundance of All Things in Life you want and need at all times.

I wish you All more celebrations and gatherings with your like minded and hearted people more often than now.

I wish you All Love and Kindness and Gentleness with yourselves in your interactions.

I wish you all SELF LOVE.

I wish you all Financial Prosperity at all times doing all the things you love as when you do what you love you raise your frequency and hence are in Service for the highest good for all.

I wish that all Charities get more than enough monies to develop ideas and projects further as to make the lives of each and everyone easier.

I wish homes for all homeless.

I wish that all children are safe and sound at all times Worldwide.

I wish that all people are safe and sound at all times Worldwide.

I wish us all to be part of the highest vibrations there can be on planet Earth with the smoothest journey of Ascension there can be.

I wish you all EASE.

I wish ALL that IAM


Namaste and Thank You