Your focus needs to be you, raise your vibrations with meditations and ask your soul for answers-Mira Pleiadian High Council via Erena Velazquez-

March 5, 2022


I am Mira, the Pleiadian High Council, and I am here to speak to your civilization about the recent events on your planet Earth.

Right now, you have a big concern about, what is happening between Ukraine and Russia. I can assure one thing that the picture about this conflict has been not disclosed truthfully by the Media and your governments.

The truth is twisted about the situation there. I usually stay away from discussing political events on Mother Earth, today I feel, it’s my duty as the Pleaidian High Council to tell humankind, that you are again being mislead by the leaders and the journalists around the world. Do you think you can trust any of them?

This war is between Light and Darkness In Ukraine to set things up right and stop killing innocent people. The Khazarian mafia is desperate to be in power, so they are killing civilian people. It’s losing in the fight against the Light, so it’s trying to start World War 3. This is not going to happen. The Earth’s vibrations are high, and the Darkness can’t survive in positive energies. The Corrupted Souls are dying from their own sword.

Your focus needs to be you, raise your vibrations with meditations and ask your soul for answers. All of these events need to occur in order to crash 3D illusion and to create a foundation for a New World. Please, be prepared for more events and truths that are coming your way in the near future. The Awaking continues, and more and more humans want to be free and happy. The tyrannical controllers are getting exposed left and right, and their end is very close.

I am very sad for Canadian Truckers, who got crushed and betrayed by their own government. They are suppose to serve people’s interests. In my reality we don’t have any governments, as we know that they don’t work. We select the counselors, and if they don’t perform as expected, we replace them with new ones. I am sending a lot of Light and Love to American Truckers.

I love Mother Earth, she looks so beautiful from my ship’s window. My team is observing your planet. We are not allowed to interfere in your fight, unless the whole planet is in danger, then Ashtar would step in with his fleet.

Let’s go of the attachments such as judgment, anxiety, anger, jealousy and etc, and free yourself from these draining emotions by grounding and connecting with Mother Nature. To resolve your concerns and confusions listen your heart. Please, never forget that we are all connected. The space, time and the dimension can’t separate us as we are one big family. We are One.

A lot of Love to my Brothers and Sisters. Thank you Universal Channel.

Open Yourselves to Embrace the energies of the Cosmos

Channeled by Erena Velazquez