The year of 2022 is a final chapter for humanity in a fight with the Darkness.

Supreme Father via Erena Velazquez | February 28, 2022

February 28, 2022

Greetings My Children,

I am Supreme Father of Fathers, God of Gods coming today to talk about the events that are concerning all of you in your reality. I am very happy to connect to My Children again.

The year of 2022 is a final chapter for humanity in a fight with the Darkness. Daily you are receiving the information through the media about the recent global occurrences. Your media is not painting the whole picture, what is really going on.

The Ukraine has been infested by Khazarian mafia for a very long time. They have their bases underground, which they have been using for human trafficking, drugs and etc. Open your heart and do daily meditation to support the fight of Light. You have seen, what the Darkness has done for the peaceful demonstrations in Canada. These entities are not going to give up, unless you remove them one by one from their positions.

Humanity needs to unify by getting everyone on your side police, military and etc. in your fight against the Corrupted Souls. It’s very important to stay in high vibrations and not to be effected by lies and deceptions. Everyday day more people are waking up and noticing that something is wrong with their reality. The Darkness showed their real colors in Ottawa, and the events there were an eye opening for many.

The Khazarian assaulters were use instead a real police to remove peaceful protesters in Ottawa. Please, don’t get frightened and just trust Divine all that shall pass. You can’t remove these entities without using the special forces, as they will never surrender peacefully. After they are captured, I am going to send their souls to the Universal Consciousness, so they can’t reincarnate anymore and cause any more disturbance anywhere else in the Cosmos.

I can ensure everyone that everything is happening according to the Divine Plan. The old system needs to crash in order to be replaced with a new one. The New Earth is coming despite deceiving appearances.

The Light Beings and I are supporting and routing for humanity and their desire to become free and prosperous. This is your planet, and it’s your responsibility to take Gaia back from the Darkness and create a new high dimensional reality. You have enough power within yourselves to win this war. This is about saving habitants and the planet, otherwise it will be nobody left, as the Dark Entities are going to kill everybody. The life means nothing to them.

Please, always remember you came from different Star Systems to save this planet, and you done that before. It’s not your first time liberating the realities from the Corrupted Souls. Never question yourselves, you can handle this huge responsibility of freeing Mother Earth. You are the Light Warrior, and your mission is to spread Love and Light.

Thank you Universal Channel. Sending my Love and Support to My Beloved Children.

Think of Yourselves as the Statue of Liberty staying strong and tall.
Supreme Father

Channeled by Erena Velazquez