Light Absorption. Making Ascension a Fun process.

short furred orange cat on brown surface
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Cats and dogs sitting in the sun are our best teachers. Taking a nap in the sun and right after doing conscious breathing in meditation to absorb as much as much as possible Light directly from Sun is super empowering. The feeling of exhaustion that i was feeling half an hour earlier vanishes to be replaced by a a feeling of enormous inner strength felt in through and around my body. Ascension process changes our daily habits and i invite each and everyone of you to try this, even if there is no sun. This is one of the best ways that i discovered on my Ascension journey to absorb Light. Truly. Super.

The transformation of our carbon based cells to crystalin cells is what is asking for our attention and this is exactly the reason why more of the collective, if they choose to ascend within their physical bodies to become aware of simple practices like this. Ascension can be really fun if we learn to allow more Light to flow within just like our animal friends do.