The convoy of Freedom is spreading globally as we speak, and nobody can stop the Light. You are the Spark that can’t be stopped.

Ashtar via Erena Velazquez | February 13, 2022

February 13, 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am Ashtar, the Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light, and it’s time for me to communicate today and give some updates on, what is happening on your planet Earth.

The fractions of the Reptilians on planet Mars had created a conflict between each other. I gave a warning, if they start military activities, we are going to capture them or completely remove them from Mars.

A long time ago, the Negative Entities destroyed life on the surface of Mars by using nuclear power. Since then, the technologies in our reality got more advanced, the war on that planet could cause a big disarray in Milky Galaxy.

Anyone who enters the orbit of Mother Earth is going to be shutdown by my fleet. We are closely monitoring and observing the developing situation on your planet. The remaining entities are completely isolated from getting any help from outside.

All of us including me are very happy to see that humanity is fighting for their freedom and saying no to tyranny and control. The convoy of Freedom is spreading globally as we speak, and nobody can stop the Light. You are the Spark that can’t be stopped.

The ones, who use the Sword, are going to die from their own Sword. I am speaking about the rulers of your world, Khazarian mafia. They ruled your planet too long, and their days are over. You are the dignitaries, who are going to restore balance and peace in your world. The Darkness is so desperate right now, that it’s attacking peaceful demonstrations.

The war between the Light and Darkness is coming to the end. Dear Brothers and Sisters, what you seeing, it’s not the whole picture. The fight is going on not just on the surface, it’s also happening underground, where special forces are rescue in kids and women, and fighting with Reptilians, Archons, Humans-Demons and etc.

Regarding Ukraine, media is lying, what is really happening there. There are underground tunnels, where still human trafficking, drugs smuggling and etc. are happening, and innocent children and women need to be rescued.

Your collective consciousness is continuously expanding, more and more humans seeing the truth about their governments and media, who supposed to serve humankind and work for the people, and not for themselves.

Please remember, you are the People and you have the Power. You have the right to live in peace and prosperity. It is your birthright as a human. Your reality of 3D is in full transition to 5D, your planet keeps receiving daily high frequencies in order to speed up your process. Thank you Universal Channel

You are the Driven Power of Mother Earth

Channeled by Erena Velazquez