Happy Year of the tiger 2022.

tiger lying on green grass
Photo by Jose Almeida on Pexels.com

I come from the generation of people incarnating on the planet where we had to go through the experience of having projects ready to go in order to assist all our sisters and brothers and not getting the attention/funding from corrupt governments and not getting the attention of enough donators either to make those become reality from assisting orhan schools in Uganda that i have been donating personally from the donations i get through this website and my holistic life /Ascension guidance tools i share and others such as Free Energy invention called Electra in Greece where since over 5 years now, even we know it works, the invention was pattended and not given support from the local government to make this happen, to name but a few.

Even though i live a life out of the matrix for 19 years now (celebration yayyyy) there is a big part of me that wants to see those come through in my 1000+ years lifetime. Yes i know i can live that long in this physical body and even more. The future generations will not have to go through that experience. And i am speaking of the millenials that will bring forward amazing solutions at every level of life and our answer as the ones now being in the ranks of older ‘wiser’ generations will be : Does it benefit the highest good for all? Ok, here you go. And when i say older ‘wiser’ i mean working in collaboration with Quantum computers and Quantum Finacial systems that are working in tandem with the organic and now galactic humanity to distribute funding wherever a great idea pops out. No more stealing ideas for the purpose of making monies for the few. No more taking concepts like NESARA/GESARA and changing them to the great reset and writting books about it so not all become aware of that. All transparent and crystal clear. My lesson is clear : i had to learn to feel abundant at all times, no matter where i stand in my finances. And feeling abundant means feeling One with Source. It means to be able to Vibrate higher and higher by choosing deliberately to feel good more often than not. And not only that, also to be able to sustain that feeling as long as possible till the day i become the open door for Divine Love to flow through in a constant state of appreciation 24/24. Mastery that is. Feel More Than Fine that is. Cause it never stops. Constant change. New energies flowing in and new upgrades taking place uncovering deepest part of me that i start to remember. New powers and knowledge that is very different to each and every one and yet all coming from the ONE Source of ALL THAT IS, GOD or UNIVERSE, make your choice. So it makes sense that from now many messages that are coming out even from the most advanced level channelers will not resonate any more with our being. They work for the one that channels, maybe for the one that listens if they are attuned to their Higher self but not all. And yet something that works for all at all times is to choose to feel good at all times, to choose to feel more than fine and from here one is 100% that he/she is fulfilling their purpose in life. At least that is how i roll myself. I make it easy. And i go easy on myself. Sometimes action is taken, some other times and especially these almost 2 years now, i remained in one place physically taking action mostly through creating more momentum of what i wish to see come through in this transitional time we are on. And since we are entering the year of the tiger where things accelerate much more towards our Golden Age of our existence and btw Happy New Chinese Year 2022 no better time than to express my personal vision that i wish to see become reality for each and everyone on our planet with ease, grace and flow. Maybe somethings you agree, some others you don’t. Welcome to Feel More Than Fine New Earth 🙂

One more thing: WE know there are septillions of Gold that have been recuperated between Vatican and Switzerland Underground bases.

We know that there is much more prosperity that we don’t know of.

Keeping this in mind here what i want to see come true and tangible manifest, call it NESARA/GESARA or any other financial system.

1.Begin distribution of wealth in all areas of life starting from BUI (Basic Universal Income) for all citizens worldwide.

2.Medbeds/Celestial Chambers for all for free.

3.Free Energy. For All. (TESLA or any other)

4.Charities support in all areas of Life locally and globally worldwide where monies go directly to fulfil each charity’s specific goals.No intermediaries! Dedicated to the task project managers YES!(that includes homes for all homeless, feeding the hungry etc.)

5.Organic farming Abundance of fruits and veggies locally & worldwide.

6.Clean water for all.

7.ECo Self Sustainable Communities/Villages/Towns/Cities.

8.Holistic Ascension Centers

9. Vegan Businesses support. (personal choice that i know works best for Ascension)

10.Healthy/Sacred Celebration Promotion (100% toxic free)

11.Animal Stations supporting all animal life worldide.

12.Cleaning of Nature, reforestation, cleaning of oceans and rivers.

13.Awesome mobility :Hover Cars, Flying cars , Anti gravity vehicles.

14. Support for all Artists and Creators wherever they stand in their journey.

15.The Venus Project

16. Healthy HI Tech used in all areas of Life.

All that I have already asked and it has been given.

The time to see those comes true, depends on where we are standing collectively in our vibration. Are we ready for this collectively? That is the question. So till those become tangible true, this or better, the only choice me and you have is to keeping feeling good in appreciation of what is and eagerness of what is coming.

And hey if you feel this list is missing something, please send me an email at: info@feelmorethanfine.eu and it will be my honour and pleasure to add those to my list.

You are all very much loved and yes behing the scenes there are many that are wishing for all those to come true. More than you think you know. In fact most all already are, just not yet expanded to where they can be.

Peace and Prosperity for all!!!!

Ask and you will receive. Believe and you will see.

In eternal gratitude to God and All Legions of Light throughout eternity for cheerleading us in our creations as Source expands through our IAM presence through every action, feeling and thought we choose 24/24.

Feel More Than Fine

Nikos Akrivos