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Summary Perspective in the now.

Ok everyone, here is my summary perspective on what occurs right now right through the scope of Ascension always.

All systems are being upgraded to accomodate all New Earth needs and wants that work for the highest good for all as we are transitionning towards The Golden Age of our existence from a Human to a Galactic Society.

And while one can choose to focus on what is and the dismantling of the old, one can also focus on the creating of the new. 2 opposite sides from the same stick. 3D to 5D. We live in both and how we feel any given moment shows us on which side of the stick we are.

One thing is for sure. The Light has won and now we can move forward without ever being stopped by any dark faction call them cabal or any other. Yes, they still out there and the ever increasing vibrations on Earth plus the dedication of all those who meditate and pray with the intention to vibrate higher plus all those who participate in massive protests are all together setting the tone for freedom and liberation to be tangibly felt and observed in the material world.

Green Light is on. I AM my IAM Presence now tangibly manifesting on Earth. That’s our Mantra. IAM The Love, The Light, The Truth now is tangible felt with every conscious breath we take.

Will there be a lot of truth and disclosure coming forward? you bet!!!

All of it will be exposed. As all those who pretend to work for the Light and are not. All will be exposed. The Light is everywhere. The Violet flamme of Divine Perfection is doing its work. There is no turning back to any normal, there is only change and excitement of the New. The Loving and Forgiving Planet that works for all.

Everything that God has belongs to all his sons and daughters.

And since the financial system is a hot subject for everyone let’s again remember few things i shared already in the past.

There are Septillions of Gold found in underground tunnels between Vatican to Switzerland and from Vatican to Jerusalem by the Alliance.

About 11 years ago i made a T shirt saying : Sell The Vatican, feed the world. Little did i know there is so much in there.

So, in your opinion what do you think will happen in the months and years to come? Prosperity will be distributed to all Humanity to move forward with new technologies and everything that supports Ascension. Because the purpose is that: to assist each and everyone on the Ascension process. No more lack of anything and no more wants either. All that one needs and wants available. That is how it is supposed to be.

Now does this means that all problems are solved? definetely not. The most important thing to do is to focus on The Love and Light within at all times. Only from here one can truly Ascend within their physical body. Yes High Tech may help and assist and yet the work is to be done within. Everyone will remember the reason they incarnated in their bodies, each one at the own pace.

And so if we want to be better participants in this now, the best we have is to choose to vibrate Higher and sustain it. The energies are supporting that, Mother Earth is supporting that too, The Angelics and all Company of Heaven available at all times. One just needs to ask. And Meditation and Gratitude are the 2 most powerful assets we have to get there. And if you feel inclined to participate in one of my dancing workshops , you are mostly welcome: just another way of vibrating high…inner child wants to play and we all better listen to the inner child. Feel more than fine workshop 1:1 or Group Session Online.

We are here for the purpose of joy. The best is already here and the more we focus on feeling this the more we attract Our New Earth versions of reality individually and collectively. Where We Go One We Go All.

So i invite you to remember that as you enjoy your pop corn of all things that take place, we already kind of know the script and also the end of this movie. Good to watch but most importatly to be aware of how we feel within every now and how much our vibration gets affected from what we observe. That is the name of the game. Let’s play and enjoy while keeping an eye on the way we feel and if that is love and appreciation let’s keep on and if not, let’s make friends with our ego and sit down , close our eyes and attune again to the LOVE Frequency of Who we really are : Pure Source Energy Beings in costumes called human bodies ascending with every breath we take. Let’s always remember there is a big elephant in the room called Ascension.

Please and Thank You.

Feel More Than Fine.

Nikos Akrivos

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