You are currently in a time that is ripe for manifestation.

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January 20, 2022,

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Conscious Co-Creation

You are currently in a time that is ripe for manifestation. The question is, what kind of manifesting would you like to do?

When you try to manifest something right down to its tiniest detail, you are creating within the realm of what you think is possible. Being too detailed about what you would like to create can be quite limiting. The vast majority of the time what you think is possible vs what is actually possible is quite different, with what is actually possible being a far greater match for you.

More often than not, humans will sell themselves short when they are too detailed with their manifestations. It is, in effect, attempting to micromanage the universe, which is control, not flow.

When you are going it alone with your creation, meaning you are going to be in charge of every detail, that is what we would call 3D manifestation, or singular creation. You are doing it all on your own, and only playing within the pool of what you think is possible. It is like fishing within a small barrel even though you are on the shore of the ocean.

When you choose to co-create, you start playing within the realm of potentiality, and you open yourself up to so much more. To co-create, you work with much wider parameters. You have a broad intention but leave lots of room for the universe to fill in the details. This allows your guides to take you so much further down the road into the discovery of your highest outcomes in ways that can only amaze and delight you.

You experience so much more magic in conscious co-creation, because it works with the core elements of surrender, faith, flow, and trust…a higher vibrational navigation system.

You are ready to up-level your manifestations, Dear Ones. Choose a core desire.

Possibly, to be:

  • Of your highest service,
  • In soul partnership,
  • In your most joyful employment,
  • Relocating to a place that will beautifully support the next phase of your incarnation…

allowing your guides, helpers, and your highest self to lead the unfoldment and fill in the blanks. This is how you can take giant leaps in your life expression in ways you never imagined, but that your soul always knew was your true calling.