The humankind reached their tipping point and wants be free, happy and prosperous. The transformation is happening, on all levels in this moment as we speak.

December 25, 2021

Good Morning America and the World,

I am John F. Kennedy, the President of United States, and I am happy to speak today to all of you through the Universal Channel. I want to wish Merry Christmas to everyone, who are celebrating with their families, friends or loved ones. The meaning of Holidays changed over the years, before it was about a nice meal with families and enjoying time together.

Almost two years passed since, the Dark Souls released the lab created germs to the atmosphere, and started slashing with each day away your liberties of doing things the way you used to do, without any restrictions like where you want to travel or dine out. Now, it’s the time to reflect about your life, if you are happy, what is next and how much longer you are going to tolerate this nonsense implied on you by the World Governments.

I don’t think any of you want anymore to follow this New World Order by being told, what you can do and what you can’t. The humankind reached their tipping point and wants be free, happy and prosperous. The transformation is happening, on all levels in this moment as we speak. People want to experience a good life, and they deserve the best of everything, what was stolen by the corrupted and hungry money officials, who want only more and more for themselves.

When I was here, my goal was to free the humanity from being controlled, lies and give the truth, which you need to know, before you can move to the next step in your evolution. This battle has been going for a very long time, and you getting to the final point, called Ascension. Some are not ready to take the next step, and it’s okay as their path is different than yours, they are moving much slower in the development and will get to it, when they are ready that can occur tomorrow, next month, next year or thousand years from now.

During my lifetime on Earth, a lot of people were quite awake, to block that the Darkness pushed the drugs on the population in Seventies with the purpose to put everyone back to being brainwashed and asleep. Right now, the Dark Entities doing again by letting drugs be accessible by approval of FDA. Please, don’t buy foods with hemp, they are going to effect your thinking. They want to slow down the process of the changeover.

The operation Freedom, which is lead by Alliance, continues to arrest the criminals, who committed the crimes against the people, and rescue women and children from the sex trafficking and being sacrificed by Satanists. Right on, you can’t see with your own eyes yet, it’s purposely done for your safety. Some scenes, which the Special Forces encountered, could brake your heart. The truth will be unveiled in proper timing.

Meantime, let’s go of anger, fear, greed and etc. to move yourselves into high energies. You are receiving incredible amount of Light and Support from outworlders, who are looking forward to your liberation. Foresee your own amazing future with incredible adventures like meeting different civilizations, traveling to other Galaxies and etc. Never forget that we are creators of our own destiny. Thank you Universal Channel. I am sending my Love to Everyone.

Be Humble and Strong
John F. Kennedy

Channeled by Erena Velazquez