Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Out with the Old…

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December 15, 2021,

You are currently in the process of releasing the old and retrieving any parts of you that were attached to those expired roles and stories. You might imagine it as having had cords with hooks into all kinds of different roles and themes and agreements that are now wrapping up. Slowly but surely over the past two years you have been unhooking from those energies and coming back to a state of neutrality, indicating a state of completion with that particular phase. Since the cords and hooks no longer have any energetic charge, support, or meaning to them, you can simply step over the pile and leave them behind as remnants of the past.

This does not necessarily mean you will leave everyone behind in your dust! Far from it. The profound shifting of relationships that occurs from the release of karma and soul agreements means if you choose to continue forward together it is now by choice and preference rather than duty. This will give all of your connections a much lighter, freer feel.

Allow your endings, understanding that they are making room for profound new beginnings. On a soul level, many of you have been reevaluating what you wish to truly leave behind and what you wish to continue on with. The key here is that what you wish to take with you must shift into sustainability in the energies of the new. It is that shift that will allow much more mastery and empowered creation than ever before, and that is exactly what your soul is so excited to experience and explore.

So call back any energy that you feel you may have left behind in the old, allow it to reintegrate into your body, and turn to embrace where your soul is beckoning you to go. You might think of it like you’ve done every last thing you could possibly do in one stage of a video game, and you are ready to level up. Let the old stories go, for they really don’t have much to offer you anymore, Dear Ones…and allow the next phase to unfold in new and glorious ways that reflect the deep work you have done.