Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Making Space for Each Unique Unfoldment

If you have been rejected in a relationship that you know you have been loving and appropriate in, and you have been committed to your own growth and evolution, it is not you who has been rejected by the other, it is the new level of growth that would be required of them in order to continue the relationship. They are simply not ready. Let the connection go with as much love, grace, and understanding as possible, for many will surprise you with their growth and be ready to rejoin you further along their journey.

It is very common for people to join paths for a period of growth and experience, and then need to split apart in order to find their own strength, empowerment, or any other expansion that can only be done on their own. Once that is accomplished, often souls will come back together and pick up where they left off. Your unconditional love and inclusion leaves the door open if/when that growth occurs.

We urge you during these times of energetic intensity to avoid absolutes and allow the unfoldment. You will find many surprises along the way. Those you thought would be next to you through the whole journey may suddenly branch out on their own. Others who you may think would never be ready to level up may suddenly experience such a leap of growth they are right back on the path next to you.

And for others, staying separated might best serve the growth and evolution of both people involved. Saying ‘never again’ will close an energetic door and restrict future options, while saying ‘not right now’ will help you move into acceptance and keep you open to future reconnection if the time is right.