Soon, many unexpected events are going to occur, which will disclose the truth about your reality.

November 13, 2021


I am Cleopatra VII, the Queen of Egypt, the last active ruler of Ptolemaic Dynasty. I lived in Alexandria, Ancient Times, BC. During my ruling days I made a huge impact on the history of Egypt. The historians speak about me as one of the most powerful woman who ever lived on this planet.

I had a lot of my own power, and I was supported by the powerful men like Caesar and Mark Anthony. The recorders portrayed my image and the facts of my life incorrectly. I was actually not from this reality, I am a descendent from Egyptian Civilization, which visited your planet 10,000 years ago.

Your history has always been manipulated, and it’s full of lies and misconceptions to suite the Dark Masters. Alexandria was flourishing under my ruling. My people were advancing in many areas and creating unseen tools in comparison to other humans residing on Mother Earth.

I dedicated my life to make Egypt the most powerful country during Ancient Times. My Galactic heritage helped me to speak easily many languages including Egyptian together over dozen different languages.

I had many human lives, and I am here incarnated again right now. I am here for a reason to fulfill important task on this planet during the transformation from 3D to 5D. If you are curious, who is this person, I can tell you only one thing, she now remembers her life as a Cleopatra.

Today, I am here to speak to humanity about their near future. Soon, many unexpected events are going to occur, which will disclose the truth about your reality. It will be very scary and disheartening for many individuals. I want to empower everyone not to be afraid to hear and speak the truth or resist to follow the orders from the controllers, who think they have humankind under their thumb.

Each day more and more people realizing that everything that surrounds them is false, and the governments are not their allies. The Light is continuing to spread around the globe, and the awaken ones are fighting in many countries for their right to be free from dictatorship and to live abundant and happy lives.

Reminder, the power lies within each of you. The Corrupted Entities forgot that they have awaken the Lion in the form of Divine Power, that is unstoppable and melts away the Darkness. Each of you is carrying the torch of Light, never forget that you came from the Stars to save this world. I am sending my strength. Thank you Universal Channel

Victory is Here