close up photograph of flowers
Photo by Secret Garden on Pexels.com

Just a few days, i went to the store to buy some flowers for my grand mother’s memorial of one year since she passed away. And while waiting for the bouquet to be prepared, I started a conversation with the seller after i said to her that all flowers come from the stars and that they are directly connected to the stars at all times. She looked at me a little puzzled but also curious to know more so i went on and told her that we are not alone on our planet. There are many of our Galactic families that are watching on us and taking care that the Galactic Codex does not get violated while also respecting our free will at all times. I also shared that what is really taking place on our planet is that we are becoming part of the wider galactic society and that we have now entered in this new era of our existence as Galactic Humans, a result of increasing our vibrational frequency and of Earth. So far so good. And then at some point feeling that she enjoyed our conversation i went on saying that i don’t agree about the bible where the role of Divine Feminine has not been considered and that the original bible was 777 books instead of what was out there of 66. There are of course many things in the bible that i know are pure lies, like for example that Christ is the only son of God when i know that WE are All Sons and Daughters of God now becoming aware as we expand as Christed Consciousness ( Christ = Cryst = Crystalline Cells) aware of our ONENESS with GOD and each other. And that was the moment of cognitive dissonance when she said that i am just part of GOD but not GOD ITSELF. Without trying to be right, i replied with kindness and love that everything is GOD and there is no separation. She kept on repeating that i am only part of GOD and in that moment i laughed, not in a sarcastic way but because i found that this was pretty amusing. That is the moment that she got even more angry saying that i should be humble and that the people is the voice of God and when they many believe in God in ‘her’ way there is no space for anything else. I could really feel her anger and her need to be right…that is what we call cognitive dissonance. So i replied : I am sorry if you took this personally, we all must learn to live on a planet that accepts all belief systems and i accept yours. She kept on repeating that i am just a tiny fraction of GOD. I smiled, finally got my bouquet of flowers and left saying Thank you while the seller herself was already serving another client without getting back an answer.
And so, sharing this experience with you, i am not here to convince you of anything, just to share freely my very humble opinion :
I believe IAM GOD, not just a tiny part of GOD, IAM GOD constantly expanding just as you are and everybody else, while having a physical experience within this costume called Human Body evolving now to accommodate higher frequencies of Love and Light in 5D, and beyond, it never stops, so we never get it done, we are constantly expanding and therefor change is the only constant. Appreciation of what is and eagerness of what is coming is the best way to make any journey enjoyable.

In fact there are 352 dimensions in our Universe and our awareness about it, brings more integration and INNER-standing.

I felt that this was a great opportunity to share with you my perspective about ONENESS consciousness and consciousness of separation.
As always take what you resonate with and leave out all the rest.

You are Loved, I am Loved, We are Loved at all times.

Namaste and there is nothing that matters more than to Feel More Than Fine.

Nikos Akrivos.

ps. i dedicate this post to my Grand Mother Alexandra.