Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: The “Injection” and Ascension

October 13, 2021,

A: Greetings and blessings to you all.

J: Someone emailed to ask if you would comment on ascension, and those who had the “injections.”

A: We would be delighted to comment. The first thing that we would wish to say is that there are many competing narratives around the injections. The different narratives reflect the different aspects of time/space reality that commentators are accessing:

  • Some access the scenario which seems successful, but ultimately betrays, injures and kills;
  • Others access a scenario where the injection has no affect on those who take it;
  • Yet others see a partial negative impact from accepting the injections.

All are true, because time is not linear.  All realities described here are playing out simultaneously. However, the time line of the greatest majority is the one on which we are currently focused ~ your now moment.

For clarity, we would suggest that we need to go back two paces from the question. This is not so much about the injection, but about the sovereignty engaged in making the decision to take or reject the injection. When a decision is made that is free from fear, and aligned with the inner knowingness and inner resonance, the result is different from a decision taken through fear or coercion.

The degree of sovereignty employed in decisions is the barometer for ascension, not the injection itself (or anything else you would give power over you).

Sovereignty can be engaged prior to the injection or after the injection. The injection is the catalyst, not the cause. So if one awakens after the injection and comes into full sovereign alignment, they place themselves on the ascension timeline. Those who, at a soul level, decide to remain in victim mode, or in slave mode or in passivity, align themselves with a different experience of ascension.

J: So what does that mean? Sorry to ask such a crude question, but will some ascend and others not?

A: Yes and no.

J: Brilliant! That cleared up a lot!

A: Let us consider ascension this way: Ascension is an energy vibration, a frequency of the divine. The closer you are to that frequency, the more clearly you can receive that energy. If you are not closely aligned with a frequency ~ like a radio for example ~ you will hear some of the music, but it will not be so fulfilling an experience.  It will be partial.

Translating that, (before you ask, Jennifer!) we mean that they will benefit from as much of the ascension energy as they can hold.  What they cannot hold will be held “on account” for them, until such time as they are able to resonate with it more fully.

The Divine is not an autocrat or harsh.  The Divine energy is infinitely loving towards all beings.  This wisdom shares only what is aligned with each being’s highest self. You would not give a priceless sports car to an 8-year-old who can drive a go-kart! You would wait until they were able to appreciate the car and use it appropriately. So it is with ascension energy: it is held in trust for all, and as your resonance comes into alignment with it, you access more of that energy.

But there is another aspect to this question that we would like to address: beneath this question we sense fear, concern, apprehension.

These are emotions that are not aligned with the energy of ascension, and while we understand them, we would like to suggest this: every soul has made their choice aligned with their higher self. It is only then, in response to the soul’s decision, that the Divine pours forth the ascension energy, which is like an explosion of love from the heart of the Divine.

No one is forgotten, ignored or left behind.

Everyone is gifted an abundant experience that is tailored to their higher self’s decision. No one is left behind. So do not fear, dearest hearts. Can you trust that there is an infinitely compassionate wisdom beneath this entire experience?  Come into your sovereignty, your light and your love. In that way, you assist everyone in refining their frequency so that they may accept even more ascension love.

(c) 2021 Jennifer Crokaert