You are crying with release. You must release the pain, to allow for healing.

Grandmother Anna & Andrew 10/12/2021

(I am seeing a black rose in the center of our galaxy. It is surrounded by swirling light of all colors. I am seeing it fade from black into the palest of pink deepening into the most beautiful red and lightens into radiant gold. The golden rose grows in size and I see that even the stem is now golden. The thorns are also golden and I am feeling the light within me. I am understanding that the rose was selected because of the thorns. I am hearing “It is completed, it is now a matter of their time for the manifestation.“ I am experiencing waves and waves of grief being transmuted into joy. For only in a realm of duality would the roses have thorns. There have been so many thorns in our lives, but also such tremendous beauty, such grace, such aroma of hope. I am seeing this golden rose is in the center of our Milky Way and the golden tendrils of light are flowing out from it touching all of the planetary sphere, the stars. All are connected into a massive web of higher dimensional light.)

We are the Magdalene. I Grandmother Anna am speaking. This one is my child, as are all of you. I think of you fondly with great love as all of my children, for I had such a great family, so many many members! Our DNA encodements of the Magdalene I activate within you now. My family of the Magdalene, of the Order of the Way, of the Christed ones, are fully active now. I plant my beautiful red rose within your hearts and I allow you the joy of their transformation into gold. You are heavens treasure, light workers of Gaia, for you have chosen a difficult path, one with many cobblestones and bruised feet, bruised dreams and hopes. I know. I see you. (She is wiping tears away from my cheeks). It is good. Water activates. You are crying with release. You must release the pain, to allow for healing. What happens to rivers when they are dammed up? The surrounding land suffers, changes. And it dries up beyond the dam. Do not dry up. Life is to be lived, and to be lived fully, infused with joy, with the Christed light which is now happily humming along. Oh it has been, child, for sometime now. (Her eyes are twinkling, ancient and wise). I put my hand on your chest. Feel the light spin deeply.

I am Grandmother Anna. Know that I love you as my own. I hold the light for you, just as you are holding your light for yourselves and for Gaia. And what a light net is being created! We Magdalene are very fond of roses. My daughter Mary is often shown with pink roses, and when you are attuned to her presence you can smell the aroma of the pink rose. I know there are many meanings of all of the colors of the roses. But that is besides the point. Think of the rose itself. We Magdalenes did not choose the sunflower, which is filled with many seeds and always faces the sun, although that may have been a good idea! No, we picked the rose for her beauty, for her many varieties and many colors and for her many thorns for only with the lesson of the thorns can you see the beauty, the beauty of one who chooses to shine despite the surrounding clay, the circumstances. The one whose very aroma comforts the soul, and the one who is a symbol of love and of tenacity. For when the rose vines are climbing they seem to be only thorns. It takes awhile for the blossoms and then for the full bloom, yes? You are all blooming. You have had your share of scratches and blood sweat and tears on this journey and yet here you are. On my beloved children. We showed this one the metamorphosis that is taking place now on the astral planes. The gold is gleaming into these lower realms and the dark ones are not liking it one bit. Not one bit! And so we send them love to allow the light to transmute faster, more smoothly, more calmly. And you do this when you send light. Like rivers of golden light. And those downstream from you will feel it, will treasure it for the vibration will remind them of home. And perhaps they will think less of the thorns and more of the gold, of the beauty of the flower of their destiny.

(I am seeing Grandmother Anna step back into the circle of Magdalenes who are surrounding the earth. Each holds a rose and energetically drops it into Gaia, activating her further.) We of the Magdalene further activate and allow for the highest blessing and good of the All That Is. We infuse our blessing and supreme love for Gaia and the all of creation upon her, further activating the Codes of the Christed one, of the Christed way. Such that all will see, all will feel and all will know that this is done.

We are the Magdalene. We bless you with our love just as you have blessed us with yours. Bloody feet can be washed. Dirty robes can be cleaned. A pure heart is beyond all price. Those who hear the calling of the higher dimensional pathways have already found the treasure of the higher path for the inner light guides them home.

I am Andrew. Might I have a turn? You ladies are quite an example to us all. To the men I say, it is safe here in this space to be who you are. To show your strength, to lead fearlessly. But we will lead hand in hand with the divine feminine and all will be healed. Men, stand up and be counted. I have an olive branch to offer on behalf of the divine masculine. (I am seeing other male Magdalenes wearing simple brown robes with white thin rope as belts standing in a circle above Gaia, each holding the olive branches high and the energy of peace is being sent into Gaia and into the multiverse.) Men, small acts lead to great change. Shelter, guide, protect and lead in divine union and Gaia will find balance and those upon her will as well. Peace, brothers and sisters. Peace. I am Andrew. I am proud to call you my friends.

~ galaxygirl