Why do 1st Wave Ascension Light Workers don’t live yet 100% the lives they desire and are worthy for?

It is true. As a first wave Ascension, i have already done my work to shift the planet. And at times i just don’t get it why i don’t get to live the life i desire free and independent because my work has been accomplished and i know it. Well, for all those of you who are into the same wave The Arcturians share with us that : You needed that oppression to stay in the fourth and third dimensions long enough to have a collective event that will be the ascension of all of humanity that is present on Earth. It is true that in 2012, i left everything behind to propel myself forward into The Ascending energies thinking that was what i needed to do as my soul’s call, only to find in 2020 that there is always something that does not allow me, allow us to move forward as i/we intend to and that includes the restoration of the planet :Free Energy and Many more projects in line.

Truth is is this journey has been much longer than originally planned and that i thought it would be when i signed to incarnate into this life. I might not remember all details, yet it makes sense that i can get angry with myself for not choosing to get into it in a more smooth way whereas i have a more comfortable life because living in discomfort, oui c’est moi these past 33 years of my life.

Yet no matter what i always find the way to feel good in every moment and to accept and to truth and have faith. And my sharing this part of my story is to let you know that there has been a lot of work to be where we are today, not just from us the boots on the ground and all Ascended Masters, Elementals, Angels , Archangels and Mother Father God and i remain eternally grateful for my gift of life . This does not mean i won’t express my anger. Because Angry I Am and accept my emotion as it is.