Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Moving Towards Your Dreams

August 15, 2021,

We would like to offer you a different perspective on manifestation today. At its core, manifestation is an energetic meld where you incorporate the creation into your own energetics, and it incorporates your energy into itself. It is moving into union.

If you can see it as an energetic shift, you can understand that your grander creations may take more time, where a much smaller manifestation, such as a cup of coffee, would be easier to include into your energetics. This explains why if a person does something once, they can do it again quite easily, because they have already incorporated those energies into their field.

A large manifestation will take on its own unfoldment, and will likely need to be done incrementally. Your acceptance of the process has everything to do with how quickly it will manifest for you, because you most easily shift energies by being in a state of complete acceptance.

Moving into doubt, frustration, or resistance to the process would stall it by moving out of acceptance and trust with the process into denial of the process, which would make the completion of the meld impossible because resistance is “no” energy.

Imagine you and your manifestation running across a field towards each other with open arms. You dictate the forward movement because your free will is paramount. When you are choosing to move forward with your dreams, even if it is only incrementally, you support the forward movement of the meld. When you stop, because you are in charge, all responding movement stops, as well.

So stay open to your dreams, Dear Ones! Understand that all creation is a beautiful mix of energies wanting to swirl and combine in the most wondrous ways. Just like any energetic shift, big changes may take a while to integrate into your reality, and smaller ones might happen with very little effort at all.

Staying open and trusting the process is how you support your success, and if you understand the energetics of the process, you will be able to stay grounded in the anticipation and cooperation of the unfoldment of the creation of your dreams.