Appreciate the unique beauty of being in the human form.

Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a breath and as you exhale, relax. Take another one. Exhale. Relax even more deeply. With each exhale release your cares to the universe. All is well at this moment. You are sitting here and now, connecting with angels, and open to receiving our love. Right here, right now, breathe. Sit quietly for a few moments and imagine streams of light from our hands pouring into your hearts. Imagine your heart is open, like a flower is to the sunshine, drinking in this light. As you breathe and take in this light through your heart, imagine it filling your body, nurturing you, enlivening your cells, and loving you from the inside out. Stay in this space as long as you like.

There are a lot of arguments going on in your world right now. There are a lot of tempers running high. There are also a lot of people quietly doing good, quietly loving one another, quietly cleaning up your mother earth, quietly helping the children, the elderly, and the ones in need. There are people praying every day for humanity, for political leaders, and for the planet. There are people helping animals, people creating crafts, people baking with love. or working on behalf of one another. There are people listening and advising, people meditating, people praying, and so, so many people quietly going about their lives as kindly as they can.

Your world is inherently good. There are so many acts of love performed in the space of a single breath or a single heartbeat on your planet that you will never see. Most of them, you will never hear on your news or read about on your internet. Even in your own lives, on a given day, there are countless moments of love and goodness and things to appreciate.

Your own body is a living, breathing miracle.
 Each breath is a multitude of miraculous coordination. Each heartbeat is a symphony of chemistry and electricity, coordinated in ways that are beyond comprehension. Your life is so beautiful dear ones. Give thanks for it. Appreciate the unique beauty of being in the human form.Your world offers immense beauty. Think for a moment, about a place that you find incredibly beautiful. Imagine yourself there. Immerse yourself in the memory or fantasy of its beauty. Imagine the interplay of light, color, and texture. Feel the wonderful feelings that come from remembering this special place. Perhaps you’ve got a spot in your own home that you find beautiful. Take time to revel in it and appreciate it.

Your world offers beautiful fragrances. What are some of your own? Do you like the smell of morning coffee? The scent of a rose? The freshness of your soap or shampoo? Is a newly cut orange enough to send you into bliss? Do you love the pines after a rain or the smell of cedar? Dinner on the grill? Think of a fragrance you enjoy, and for a moment imagine inhaling it deeply and feeling the absolute, miraculous bliss that comes with knowing your body is experiencing a veritable symphony of reactions to produce this simple pleasure!You have beautiful sounds in your experience. There is music that elevates your spirit, the hum of the bees, the song of the birds, the gentle breezes, the babbling brooks, the roar of the oceans, and even the beat of a lover’s heart. Think of a sound you love right now or a piece of music. When you are able, listen to it. Allow yourself to feel your heart expand and your soul fill with joy as this marvelous vehicle called your body interprets frequencies in such an amazing and delightful manner.

You have tastes… glorious, amazing flavors on your planet! You have foods you absolutely enjoy! Think of some of them now. Recall a favorite meal or a favorite snack. Once again ponder the miracle of chemicals turning to signals to the brain that creates the delicious experience of this meal.

And touch! Dear friends how sublime a gift is physical touch! Give yourself a hug right now, or stroke your own hands. Feel the subtle sensations and how they ripple throughout your whole being. Recall the feel of your favorite blanket or pillow, the fur on your dog or kitty cat, the texture of the grass under your feet, or a smooth stone. Again, can you fathom the electrical and chemical symphony that must take place to give you these sensations?

You are living witth miracles on a daily basis! Your life in this body is miraculous. While you have difficult news on your planet, there is good news going on right here and now in your own body, in your own life, in your own little corner of the world.Seek that. See that. Revel in that. Claim that.

Your existence was never meant to be a dance of adversity but rather a dance of wonder, splendor, sensation, immesion in Divine creation, and a glorious experience of the greater Self in the diversity of its forms. In plain terms dear one you are manifestations of the Divine having a human experience, not meant to suffer, but to revel in the buffet of experiences physical life grants you.

You were not intended to be fearful of death but rather to immerse yourself in life. You never intended to agree – or argue – with one another, but rather to agree with the Divine inspirations from within.

You, dear ones, are lights in this world. Don’t let the viewpoints of those yelling the loudest convince you that humanity is bad, that your world is ending, that your country is going to self-destruct, or that your Mother Earth is doomed.

Humanity is inherently good. Misdeeds result from pain or misunderstanding. Your world is not ending. Your countries are not going to self-destruct. Your Mother Earth is rejuvenating herself. Best of all you are living miracles, each with access to experiences that are simply unparalleled in their capacity for joy. This week, vow not to take your senses for granted. Appreciate your tastes, textures, smells, sounds, and sights. If you are missing one sense, enjoy the others even more.

It is in your appreciation of the so-called simple miracles starting with your own body and your own lives – that you begin to see the light, the love, the goodness, and the truth of your being everywhere you look.

As we’ve said many times, your world is going through a rebirthing, and birth is a messy process. Nonetheless, even a mother in labor can appreciate the fragrance of an essential oil, a tender hand that holds her own, the gentle music or song of birds playing in the background, the taste of a cool glass of water, and a beautiful blanket held around her shoulders.

Right here, right now, dear friends, love abounds. See it. Seek it. Notice it. Appreciate it, and then no matter what your external world is doing you will begin to see the goodness and the beauty that has been there, hiding in plain sight all along.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels