When you decide not to wait, but to hold the frequencies of what you desire in your heart-mind, in your body, in your spirit each day, from rising at morning to falling asleep again at night—you do the opposite.

A Message to Lightworkers – August 6, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective. Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time with you today.

Once again our writer speaks with Saint Germain, and he is happy to offer insights into the current situation on your planet, and what is occurring now in your Earth lives:

COR: Greetings, Lord Saint Germain!

SAINT GERMAIN: Greetings, good lady. How may I assist?

COR: Probably because I am a channeler, I have a good number of people at any one time asking in one way or another, “How much longer?”

I don’t blame them for that. I’m asking that myself now on a regular basis, in addition to calling forth higher assistance for the entire planet.

All of us are desiring to know when NESARA will finally be fully enacted, and what else could possibly go wrong between now and then—how to deal with the current madness, and how to strengthen our inner selves for whatever else may be coming down the line.

And asking to know how we can assist, whether energetically or otherwise.

SAINT GERMAIN: Generally, we are not asked that last part.

Only the first part, as if it were an event evolving outside of yourselves, whereas as we have discussed before now, this is an event that can only unfold within each person’s own thoughts, energies, expectations and vision.

It is a moment of integration. That is the shift you seek.

And so, you are asking, in addition to “When?” which is not really the relevant question, but also “What else can happen?” Which again, is a matter of what you and your fellow humans decide will or must occur on your timeline.

And it is a higher vibrational timeline than you have been on for millennia—that alone is a cause for celebration!

COR: Pardon, my lord—how is “When” not a relevant question?

SAINT GERMAIN: Because you are stepping out of Time, all of you, and your planet.

And because to measure progress in terms of hours or days or months past is never a fruitful way forward.

You were taught to think in terms of Time—how long will it take till I am proficient at mathematics, or singing, or badminton . . . yet what does it matter?

Is the journey less or more important if it is over with quickly?

Isn’t the journey the very thing you birthed yourself into a human body for?

COR: Yes and no! Once you’re here, in a body, you are subjected to linear time. And you have certain dreams and visions, right from a young age, that you wish to unfold “in perfect time and way,” which for most of us means, “right away, please!”

SAINT GERMAIN: And so you speak now of the real issue, which is the impatience of Earth beings to have what they desire at the moment that they desire it.

And that is not the same as the forms of progression and evolvement that you came to partake in.

That is not the same as the Earth and Her people being ready for NESARA.

And so I continue: What else can happen is not a question of “What else can go wrong” if you come out of judgment regarding what is good and what is not good.

Human beings have thrived on judgment and its many limitations and ego-feeding aspects for thousands of years.

And now, as they say, “Time’s up.”

Not only in the sense of, “Time for the crooks to go to jail” (though it is such), but in the sense of “Time is no longer relevant to Earth life as it once was. “Let us stop thinking in terms of ‘When’ and ‘How much longer,’ and invest solely in the only Time that actually exists, which is the present moment.”

And realize as well that when you wait for something, you give your power away to that person or persons, and that circumstance which you have decided can provide what you desire.

When you decide not to wait, but to hold the frequencies of what you desire in your heart-mind, in your body, in your spirit each day, from rising at morning to falling asleep again at night—you do the opposite.

You then birth that which you desire where it MUST be birthed, to begin with, which is in the heart-based imaging and frequency of a human being.

This is not a journey that belongs to the stars or to those who coast in and amongst them in highly advanced starships, nor those who as Angels flow easily from one dimension to another.

This is a journey that belongs to those born in a time-space that holds the ephemeral in one hand, and the eternal in the other. And yet—you came in to overcome the restrictions of Time-Space. Not to embody them, and hope for an improved situation along the very lines that you have since repudiated as insufficient, and even dangerous to Earth life.

COR: Well, now you’ve presented an argument for which there is no opposing argument, my lord.

Now you’ve pointed out that in order to move to the next level, we have to BE the next level. And that requires our focus and determination to deny everything we have been born into and experienced over hundreds of Earth lives.

That sounds to be a rather large leap, and not just philosophically, but vibrationally!

How, when millions are dying and we are being lied to on so many levels—how do we go about whistling cheerfully about NESARA and saying, “All is well”?!

SAINT GERMAIN: We do not suggest that humanity ignore what is occurring now. That would be difficult to impossible. It is so that many are mourning personal losses due to illness, fire or flood. And feeling the pressures of a now permanently broken economic system, which never worked for the majority, whose interests it falsely claimed to represent, and which was built on lies and all forms of chicanery.

This presents a conundrum, in the sense that you could celebrate the end of the false Earth system of living, yet to celebrate now would be to deny the personal pressures and tragedies of many millions, and most Light Beings in human form offer the opposite response. You prefer to cry with those who cry, and to agree that this is a very dark time, rather than celebrate at a time when loss and imbalance appears to be the order of the day.

In fact, there is a third path that most do not consider, and that is one of what one might call Forgiveness, though not a forgiveness in the way religions tend to teach it.

COR: Forgiveness of the old order?

SAINT GERMAIN: Forgiveness of one’s self.

I speak here of the fact that most have a fear of their own and humanity’s vulnerability. A feeling of “my impermanence is killing me,” one might say, which is an amusing combination of words, or an ironic one.

Our point being that you as a race have not felt this alone, isolated, and vulnerable to attack in several centuries. And you are reacting in numerous ways that do not necessarily assist your eternal aspect.

In your desire for physical immortality, you have attached to NESARA law’s enactment as a sort of cure-all for your ephemeral status, when in fact it was not created for that.

COR: Yet it was created to free humanity—to return us to full sovereignty, even if we only live for a few minutes more after its enactment!

SAINT GERMAIN: Most assuredly, it will usher in changes that most would consider miraculous—a drastic shift out of the feudal slavery system humanity has lived under for millennia.

Preparations are being made for those shifts even now. Yet it does not create your freedoms, per se. It cannot be law only that determines humanity’s freedoms, then or now.

Your race of beings is raising its frequency to levels where you are realizing your innate strengths to create new realities.

That is not something that a law “gives” you, as laws tend to outer matters, and we speak of that which is intrinsic within all humans.

To move fully into one’s own conscious awareness is the first step to freeing one’s own self, and then, as others follow, a movement, and then a planetary shift, is created.

This is where it begins. That is the open door you seek.

Not the enactment of this law that is more the announcing of these changes than the creation of them.

COR: Forgive me, lord, but you sound to be speaking in rather idealistic terms. Humans live from one day to the next, and never more so than now, as in all times of crisis.

Almost none of us are out there giving thanks for the new day, living entirely in the present, paving the way to a 5D world with our Joyful vibration.

A few, perhaps. But most would view them as living in a dream world.

The real work of being human means outer communication—encouraging one another where we can to stay as positive as possible, yet balancing that with the ongoing daily tasks that are grounded in the Earth realities—work and bill-paying, and caring for self and family.

We’re not birthing brave new worlds, because life already feels like an Aldous Huxley novel!

SAINT GERMAIN: Ah! And so—now is the time!

COR: To forgive our vulnerability?

To forgive ourselves for having bitten off way more than we could chew by incarnating at this time?

SAINT GERMAIN: Most assuredly so!

And that you forgive your own heart for leaning into NESARA and the liberation of this planet, as if you were still wedded to the savior/victim belief pattern, and holding on, waiting for your hero or heroine to arrive to save you.

COR: But it is a heroic act, to forgive in the sense of saying, “I hereby free myself of my own judgments, of myself or others. I call it ALL good! That is all.”

SAINT GERMAIN: Probably one of the greater things you have been born for at this time, all of you.

COR: The whole thing is RIFE with ironies!

SAINT GERMAIN: And such is Earth life, dear one. In the higher realms, you find it amusing at times.

COR: I’m nuts there too, then.

SAINT GERMAIN: Yet not without purpose. All is well, as you spoke earlier, though humanity does not see this yet.

COR: Bizarrely, that I can accept! But can you tell us please, nevertheless, how close we might be? You spoke of a number of steps or stages when we spoke a few months ago—

SAINT GERMAIN: We would say now, that two remain. Namaste, dear one! We are with you, all of us. None of you are abandoned, now or ever.

COR: Thank you, lord. Blessings to you.

SAINT GERMAIN: [bowing] In your service, madam.

And in service to all.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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