Holding true to your dreams while leaving room for new information or energy to come in to support your success is key.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Restarting the Dream Machine

August 4, 2021, trinityesoterics.com


Many of you are currently experiencing what we call red light/green light energy. It can seem like you are making actual, tangible progress towards your dreams and then that movement abruptly stops. It can be frustrating for you, to say the least, especially when so many of you have been in what has felt like a long waiting period.

Red light/green light energy is common when you are transitioning from a lull period to an action period. You might visualize giant cogs of a machine that are a little rusty or seized up from lack of use. Sometimes restarting the machine is a little jerky. Holding true to your dreams while leaving room for new information or energy to come in to support your success is key.

Your focus and acceptance that all stages serve you are the grease that prepares you for movement full steam ahead. Does your machine require extra support or maintenance before you can be full steam ahead?

Things are speeding up for you if you are experiencing red light/green light energy. You know this because you can feel the abrupt difference between the energies, where in earlier stages of manifestation things are not as tangible. Also, we remind you that traffic lights only apply when you are in motion, so this is a true sign of overall movement.

Red light/green light energy also serves a purpose of allowing you to continue to evaluate your dream. It gives you an opportunity to get even more clarity about what you would like to create for yourself. The red lights let you see how much you truly want it and to evaluate if it is a true match for you, the green lights allow you to experience the joy and excitement of finally having some forward movement. It lets you to take several steps forward, pause, reevaluate, then move forward again.

Energetic phases are very predictable in many ways. If you understand what is going on, you can stay calm, balanced, and focused on your dreams without causing yourself undo emotional stress. And if you deepen into your knowingness that all stages serve you, you can see this a sign of movement and enjoy this phase of the journey, as well. Stay the course, Dear Ones, towards your truest dreams and all will be well.