Earth’s destiny is the Golden Age, when bodies’ self-healing mechanisms will be aided by natural remedies and technologies using fluctuating frequencies.

Matthew’s Message through Suzy Ward, Aug. 2, 2021

August 2, 2021

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew.  We begin by addressing your comments and questions—and understandable confusion—about vaccinations. In urging everyone to get them, mainstream media are emphasizing outbreaks of “the highly infectious Delta variant” in areas where many of the population have not been vaccinated. In Internet videos and interviews, medical specialists are issuing alarming reports about health conditions that will occur later in people who have been vaccinated.

First, let us ease your concerns about those reports. The scientists are not wrong about their findings, which are based on their knowledge of current medical science. Knowing that individuals have died after being vaccinated and others already have developed serious health issues adds strength to the scientists’ conviction that their prognoses are correct.

It’s what they don’t know that is the vital game-changer! They don’t know Earth is steadily ascending into planes of intensifying light. They don’t know that light transforms bodies’ carbon-based cells that are vulnerable to disease into the crystalline structure that is resistant to health abnormalities. They don’t know the bodies of people who are kind, compassionate, honorable and helpful easily absorb light, so they don’t know that cellular transformation is happening in the majority of people. They don’t know that many individuals born during the past 30-some years came in with crystalline cells, or that in time, everyone on the planet will have them.

And, those scientists have no idea that Earth’s destiny is the Golden Age, when bodies’ self-healing mechanisms will be aided by natural remedies and technologies using fluctuating frequencies. God is not going to let anything interfere with Gaia’s free-will choice that her humankind is going to flourish with optimum health in body, mind and spirit throughout greatly longer lifespans.

Now let us come back to your world today and shoot holes in mainstream media’s ongoing deception. Inflated statistics still is part of it, and now the mild flu called “Delta variant” is, too. That term was coined by the dark ones so the public will believe the virus is mutating and will continue to do so until everyone is vaccinated. The folks who are pushing that really need to get their act together. Some claim people who have been vaccinated against covid won’t catch the variant, some state an additional dose of that vaccine may be necessary, some say it definitely will be, some are saying a different vaccine will be needed.

This is a good place for us to reply to this email: “Is it conclusive that people who don’t wear a mask are getting and spreading the Delta variant? Newest CDC guidelines are for even vaccinated people to wear masks indoors. What’s going on??” What’s going on is, masks are the culprit. They are not protective—a microscopic virus can flow through them with ease—but of far greater importance is, masks prevent the inhalation of oxygen and exhalation of toxins in the body, and when a respiratory system can’t function properly, the immune system is substantially weakened.

That is why the dark ones’ Rockefeller Lockstep 2010 coronavirus-19 agenda includes persuading leaders from community to national levels to mandate the wearing of masks—they have created a population highly susceptible to flu and other illnesses. And don’t forget the fear factor—they need fear energy to fuel themselves and keep their “pandemic” going.

If you look for that agenda on the Internet, you will find a seriously altered report that fact-finder organizations state is “conspiracy theory,” another of the dark ones’ concocted terms. They attach that label to all truthful information that emerges and have conditioned the society to regard conspiracy theories as merely ideas coming from addled minds.

A number of you have written about mark of the beast, Armageddon, apocalypse or end times, and we say, please do not put the “pandemic” into the context of biblical prophecies. However, end times is appropriate in this context—the time of darkness on Earth is ending!   

Now then, a strong immune system is the basis of sound health, so it’s natural that you’re asking why anyone in the medical field would advocate wearing masks. If they are not part of the Illuminati/Deep State, they may be heavily invested in companies making fortunes from everything related to the “pandemic”—greed is a major aspect here. Some healthcare personnel have been bribed, blackmailed or threatened into cooperating, and there is another significant factor, too.

The same group that initiated this global scourge, who also control healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in addition to mainstream media and Internet censorship, control medical education, too. Students are taught that vaccines and prescription drugs are the way to “public health,” and long ago the society was programmed to respect and obey “authorities.” Those include teachers, thus generation after generation, students have been taught the same false information their teachers were.

Most vaccinated people are not having ill effects, so why are other people refusing to do it? They followed their intuition after logically questioning: Why is covid flu suddenly considered as deadly as heart trouble, cancer, diabetes and starvation? What other health issue has ever been given TV coverage every day for a year and a half? Why do healthy people have to be vaccinated because they might have ‘asymtomatic’ covid? Why do some medical folks say you must get vaccinated, some say it’s a choice, and some say don’t do it?

Also, we are being asked what lightworkers can do to help end the “pandemic.” You are inundated with information and we don’t expect you to remember everything in our messages—we are happy to repeat what we have recommended. Visualization and meditation are powerful, and group participation expands their effectiveness exponentially. One of the visualizations we have suggested is seeing Earth immersed in brilliant golden-white light—that sends forth light in abundance at the same time it fills you. The other visualization is people of all ages and races smiling and laughing as they dance around with each other and play with animals—that, too, is light-filled and doubly serving.

As you hold those visions, breathe rhythmically to bring yourself into balance—balance is important to your wellbeing. Dear brothers and sisters, please care for yourselves diligently! Love yourselves the way we love you!

We also have said the energy of all thoughts and feelings shoots into the universal soup, connects with matching energy and brings back the same kinds of situations and conditions—“like attracts like,” the law of attraction that operates 24/7. Replace your thoughts and feelings about the “pandemic” with whatever lets you feel happy, excited and optimistic and bring back more of that.

And be fearless! The energy of fear about anything dims your light, weakens your immunity and lets darkly-based activities continue.

“It seems governments are ignoring what’s happening due to climate change. Please ask Matthew when they’re going to do something about this critical situation.”  There are a number of factors here. For the past several years, record-breaking temperatures, droughts and flooding have been caused by the Illuminati’s misuse of technology, and that has a domino effect. When anything in Mother Earth’s natural order is interrupted, the result is unusual disturbances that lead to others and so on and so on.

Climate change is a political football tossed back and forth between scientists working for multinational corporations who say this is happening naturally and environmental scientists who say what is happening is not natural. There are predictions of a mini-ice age at the same time there is proof of rapidly-melting glaciers. Businesses see climate change as an economic issue and the recommended steps to “reduce carbon footprint” as too costly to implement.

The paramount factor is Gaia’s choice that her planetary body return to its original moderate climate, when all her life forms thrived. Effects of weather manipulation and inactivity due to bickering are impeding her progress, but God is on Gaia’s side in this matter, too. As energy surges from evolved sources are propelling the planet through fourth density’s higher vibrations, minds are opening into the awareness that fossil fuels must be replaced with clean energy methods. It is higher levels of conscious and spiritual awareness that are motivating humankind to bring about essential changes.

Weather extremes will stop when the truth about the “pandemic” comes out—the same individuals are responsible for both. The technologies they have misused and controlled will be released for beneficial purposes such as providing free energy, ridding the planet of toxic contaminants, and healing environmental damage. You will be astounded how quickly Earth can rebound to robust health once those technologies are in use and the fossil fuel era ends.

Please don’t underestimate the importance of ongoing efforts on a smaller scale. Some groups are cleaning up plastic debris on beaches and in your waters and recycling it into useful items, and the manufacture of dissolvable plastics is gaining ground. Other groups are cleansing streams, rivers and ocean shores of oil and other pollution. Voices of people protesting toxic chemical contamination of water, soil and air are being heard. Along with the obvious benefits of salvage and restoration projects, the energy of the benevolent intention is raising vibrations on the planet.

Will earth’s vulnerable populations continue to be taken care of during the coming times, or will it be ‘every man for himself’ in a time of turmoil?”  No one ever is alone. A guardian angel, beings in other angelic realms, spirit guides and loved ones in spirit worlds are with each person always, in times of turmoil and in times of calmness.

But we know the question pertains to tangible assistance to those in dire straits by those who have the means to help. Not only will assistance continue to people in need, it will keep expanding until everyone in your world is prospering with comfortable housing, desired education, healthcare, and nutritious food and pure water in abundance.

Let us give you a bit of background to explain our assurance. Everything in existence is energy vibrating at one rate or another, and during the long ages the planet was stuck in deep third density, darkness kept vibratory rates low. The massive infusion of light from distant civilizations enabled Earth to jar loose and start rising into higher vibratory levels where minds and hearts could start opening—planetary and personal ascension.

The process of Earth and her inhabitants moving into higher and higher vibrations is connecting consciousness with soul-level guidance and knowledge that includes the Oneness of All. This advancement in awareness is changing separation into unity, apathy into empathy, greed into generosity, and hatred into love. The transformation won’t be completed overnight, but it is steadily moving forward.

Beloved family, we do understand that in a world of turmoil, it is difficult to believe you are living in the most exhilarating time this universe has known for millions of years. Life is not without challenges, to be sure, but it holds forth rejuvenation and joy to all who desire it. Live in your heart space—LOVE is the key.

All light beings throughout this universe are cheering you ever onward and supporting you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward

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