Your Tools For A Smooth Ascension.

Dear Beloved,

The Feel More Than Fine Project is about offering the tools for smooth path to conscious evolution in these auspicious times we go through as Humanity and Mother Earth. The intention is to assist each and everyone on their Ascension process offering blogs and guidance and a routine of global meditations and inner work to do that make the transition fun and joyful. And while we know the world is at its worst it has ever been (finally seen now as The Light is doing the work of showing all shadows), the world is also at its best it has ever been. And each and everyone has a choice to feel more than fine any given moment which in turn defines the experience that follow right after going through the sequence of : Focus, Silence / Think, Vibrate, Feel, Allow/Receive , Experience.

We are each indeed Creators of our reality every now.

If you have been following our work for a while you must have noticed that :

Every SUNday we gather globally for our Unity Meditation at 3/6/9 pm (Greece Time ) or 5/8/11 Pacific Time for 30 minutes each session.

Every Day at 21h21 CET for one minute for the Highest Good For All. (Rise Up Ibiza)

Every day at 3pm Est with Jared Rand. (please check Global Synchronized Meditations | FEEL MORE THAN FINE)

And even when not possible to attend any of those we have also the choice to do a meditation any moment of the day using the affirmation given by Archangel Michael : IAM my IAM presence and IAM one with the IAM presence of all humanity and follow up with our own individual meditation or follow with the meditations offered through Patricia Cota Robles YT channel, usually every Tuesday.

All those and guidance every other day of the week are offered for free while we keep on keeping on offering our service for The Highest Good for all.

So today we remind you to please consider making a donation to keep our costs covered while we eagerly anticipating Basic Universal Income and the prosperity funds to reach each and everyone of The Citizens of Earth.

Thank you and Namaste.