Why Are We Allowing This? Ashtar via Sharon-

June 25, 2021
Why Are We Allowing This?

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Why Are We Allowing This?

Memo says Britains are all to have ankle tags by the end of 2021 and to force unvaxxed parties out of their homes by police, then 50,000 pound fines to be levied
Philippine news says that they’re trying to get anti-vaxxers arrested
Canada is well on its way to following the Philippines and Britain!

They know how to deal with protesters. They realize we’re just the small minority of people in many countries. They have already been taking protest leaders, arresting them, fining them, and making them look like the bad guys – not the good guys that they actually are. And people believe it. People just think that anyone arrested is a bad guy. Yes, Nelson Mandela was arrested, Martin Luther King was arrested, and JFK was killed. Were they bad guys?

Why? Because the governments and all the agencies, big business, etc. everyone behind the vaxx program, are all making it look to be for our best interests, not an agenda that’s intended to kill us.

The difference between these protesters and everyone else is they’re not afraid to speak up.

The other day, a Canadian census taker came to my doorstep. The door was open so I asked him what he wanted. He said he wanted to know why I hadn’t filled in the census. Well, that was the wrong question. I told him that I’m not a citizen of the new Commie-Can and I won’t be counted in the census.
He said, “That’s a five hundred dollar fine, you know!”
I said, “So what?! Get off of my property!”
He said, “I’ll have to tell my boss.”
I said, “Go ahead. Get off of my property.”
He said, “Can I leave a copy in case you change your mind?”
I said, “Do I sound like my mind is that feeble? Get off my property!”
He left. Without leaving another copy of the census.
I figure they’re just trying to figure out how many people they have left to cull. Seeing as I’m 60, I take exception to the fact that I’m first on their list of “useless eaters.”
Ashtar, I’ve got Archangel Michael who’s put out an excellent message to all of the Light here on earth, this is through an anonymous contact: “We of the angelic realm cannot do it all for you. This is your planet; this is your ascension. This is the time to step up the game. Join us, again, join us. This is a clarion call to all lightworkers. There is a job to be done. There is a planet to liberate. There are humans that need help. We all together as one soul can do this. Let’s create a collective so powerful that darkness has no choice but to retreat. So powerful that the thought of infringing on your free will will never occur to them again. We are all one in God the Father. We are all one in a grand purpose. Give me your hand, give me your intent and I, Archangel Michael, appointed by God the Father to be your champion, will lead you to a resounding victory. I am now and forever at your service. My blue ray forces are here and are committed to this most noble task. I am Archangel Michael and I bring you these tidings at the turn of the tide.”

My question to you, Ashtar, is, “What are we waiting for?”
Ashtar: In respect to all the people who are not waking up?
Me: For example.
Ashtar: They have not experienced enough.
Me: Are we going to be able to save them when they have ankle bracelets, ID tattoos and are mind controlled by the DS? Is there going to be any help for them?
Ashtar: There are many people who are awake but do not realize what they should do.
Me: What should they do?
Ashtar: Work at it through the mind level. Such as taking part in the Archangel Michael Angelic group exercises every week. We need to become one force, as he said, determined to win this planet back from the dark ones. This is one thing.
The other thing is that people need to realize their personal power in this. For example, their purchasing power. That is one way that you can impact very much so the DS – they exact money from you and then you deposit it in their banks – what if all people stopped depositing money in their bank accounts?
Me: What if there was a bank that wasn’t crooked like they have been? The first thing that Royal Bank did in Canada when their market value dropped was to close their doors and seize customer bank accounts to keep themselves afloat. I keep my money somewhere else now, not in a bank account. I don’t get any interest on it anyway, so why bother? It’s just as safe where I keep it as it is in a bank, as a matter of fact, even safer because the crooks are the bankers.
What if people stopped using the banks?
Ashtar: The QFS is running and we are changing the banking system over. Many bankers have been caught with their hands in the pie, and are being arrested.
But people need to realize their own personal responsibility in this.
What if a group of people marched into a store and refused to wear masks? Could they stop them? Maybe, but it would make the others happy that are wearing them, and would be an example for them. Like you said, protesting is irrelevant because they know how to deal with that. Unless the city shuts down and people refuse to go to work, there will be no end to this.
Me: Civil disobedience. They can’t arrest all of us. They’ll probably go for the instigators first. Like me.
Ashtar: You will be picked up by a ship if they come for you. We have your back, Sharon.
Me: Thank you, Ashtar, but I know that, so I don’t shut my mouth. I personally think protesting is pretty useless. What are you going to do when the protests don’t work? Have you thought of that, or is it your only recourse?
If Canada wants to fine me for not filling in the census form, that’s fine. I’ll hire a lawyer and take them to court. I just have to make sure the lawyer isn’t on the take or more crooked than the politicians because they have them in their pocket too.
The whole system is rigged against us.
Walmart has become the new city hall. People are so driven by what they need right now, they don’t think a year down the road. They just keep doing what they’re told to do. Get vaxxed, wear a mask, follow the arrows in the aisles. By the way they’re there to make sure you visit every aisle in the store and buy more than you need. I ignore them.
Ashtar: So what solutions are required to deal with these problems? Because they are valid problems. How do you get people to notice what is happening to them, and to stop living for what they need today and start understanding their children’s futures are being whittled away day by day.
Me: How to get people to wake up to this fact… yeah, how?
Ashtar: On a grander scale, we are creating new media sources. People will have a choice as to whether they wish to watch the DS news or the truth movement news. Once we reach that level, there will be significant change in the stance of most people.
Also, the QFS is now operative which means bankers are being arrested for fraudulent practises. This means the banking system is now reverting to honest principles.
Presidents and prime ministers, other DS politicians are arrested and being put in leg braces.
Of course they’re fighting us in every way they possibly can.
Me: I think a lot of it hinges on the media.
Ashtar: That’s why Ivo is working on a television station that will be run on the quantum system.
Me: I just don’t know what we’re waiting for.
Ashtar: Are you waiting?
Me: No, not me personally. I’m doing everything I can to forward the light agenda. But it doesn’t seem like enough.
Ashtar: When the right directives are in place, with the corresponding infrastructure, there will be many changes upon earth.
Remember that the DS is making a lot of noise about their programming. How can they possibly create anti-vaxx programs against so many people on earth when their corrupt systems are waning? In Ontario, for example, the police refused to support many lockdown directives.
Me: Yes, they did. My neighbours were out fishing and the cops said they were exercising. They just lie for them.
Ashtar: Exactly. Everyone must make ways to take personal responsibility in this. Stop waiting for the Alliance to complete all their measures. Ask yourself what you can do now.
Some examples:

  • When purchasing foods, do not purchase from the major food companies such as Nestle, Monsanto, Heinz, Pillsburys… etc. All these old food labels are illuminati owned and operated.
  • Do not put your money into large banks – use credit unions, which are owned by the people who buy shares in them
  • Research and find companies that are not allied with the deep state, then use these products and services
  • Research your food products and do not buy poisons
  • Support small business in every way possible
  • Save many months’ worth of money and food supplies, as well as water but check the company that you are buying the water from is small business, not illuminati run
  • Buy vegetables and fruit from local farmers as often as possible
  • And work on reducing negative reactions and creating loosh

The only way is to starve them of money and energy, Sharon. Every family and individual can do this. In any way you can, it is worth it because if everyone does it, you will take your world back. They created the system, now you have to bust it. Busting it is easy if everyone does it.

And yes, boycott Walmart and Amazon. Find small businesses on line that provide the same goods and services.

Me: Like Smashwords for books.
Ashtar: You don’t have to vote. You just have to be conscious of who you’re fighting against. And it can be done one decision at a time. Even if the majority of what you consume is non-Illuminati based, that is wonderful.

There are so many ways, but yes, people seem lost and stuck in their habits. It might be uncomfortable to create this change, but so worth it for your planet’s future.

Me: Thank you Ashtar. Some good ideas. I’m sure people have more. Oh, and I don’t use 5G technology. My wifi is 3 or 4G and it’s cheaper too. Still available.

Ashtar: For example, Sharon.

Me: Thanks Ashtar. Good to talk to you.

Ashtar: Likewise. Adonai.