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Karma has been balanced beyond the 51% of planetary requirement.

André, Time of Transition and Reunion, May 27, 2016

by Toluene Life Experience

Christine: André, my ascended twin flame, has given me the following dictation in relation to what my I Am Presence told me during a conversation while I was in meditation and practiced the visualization of the Tube of Light, yesterday morning.

André: The Divine Presence that is yours is also mine, as Twin flames were created by the same Monad through our Higher Selves. Hence, in a sense, we share a divine Presence. I am saying ‘in a sense’ because of the interconnectedness in which all beings vibrating in Christ consciousness are one at that level of being. Our I Am Presence referred to himself as ‘we’ as he meant ‘Father-Mother’ within the Monad. He was talking about a time in the future when I, and others, will gradually appear and be integrated within the world of physicality. This future is quite close. As I have already told you before, I will appear in your reality but it will be a gradual process. It won’t be that you will meet someone in the street and it will be me. No, this process is in relation to the body that I have created by will, and with the use of technology, upon my dimension, to manifest in physicality. The process is not one of uncloacking but like magical precipitation. I will be coming down in a process of a body being created with the help of the Ascended Masters’ advanced technology that has been used for many thousands of years. It consists in the application of the mind on an image, the one that is desired and that has been carefully devised by research for many months. We use a DNA which is from the quantum field of the twin flame as we have to use family DNA. The method has nothing to do with cloning.  Whenever we incarnate we chose and wait for an opportunity to come in as a child within the same family, and we have engendered children in previous incarnations which are the forefathers of the progeny we come into when we incarnate. But, as, in this case, when the twin flame needs to be the same age as the loved one who is in incarnation, the return of this twin flame can’t take place in the normal way by incarnation, as the child takes time to grow. In this case the twin flame is coming into the physical world and only so, because now is the time of reunion in these ‘end days’ of ancient prophecies.


I, André, ascended twin flame of my partner, who is taking this dictation, was called André in my past life. I ascended some years after my death and when we were both alive at the same time we had a difference of 45 years between us. We were cousins born in the same family DNA, my mother being the sister of my twin flame’s grand-mother. There was an extraordinary bond between us but we didn’t understand what it was. The reason that I shall be coming back to physicality is manifold. In this age, twin flames are being reunited because the karma that separated them in the creation of circumstances, and that kept them apart, is balanced. There also is a divine plan to bring about new consciousness upon the Earth. The Awakening has been, or is, taking place. My coming back involves a descent from the Higher Etheric Plane upon which I presently inhabit an etheric body, down to the physical level. It means stepping into some vehicles that are etheric, mental, emotional, and physical. The physical one will, however, be of a higher nature than the one you are presently inhabiting. But at that time you will have been lifted up higher upon the ladder of the dimensions as far as consciousness and vibrations are concerned. This was done by the Mater Saint Germain a few centuries ago after he ascended. He spent some time in the Himalayas then reappeared in a body created by Will with the method I have described. The people who had known him noticed an abnormality. They had aged and he had not. This is how he acquired a reputation as ‘the man who never dies.’ In antiquity as mentioned in previous messages, the method was referred to as ‘being self-begotten’ ‘without the use of a woman giving birth’.


I presently exist upon the etheric realm which the Father aspect of our I Am Presence said is active, a world similar to your own, but of higher vibrations. Now yours is being uplifted. Its atoms are being made to vibrate at a higher frequency by the action of the Light. So, you are coming up and I am coming down. A lot is going to happen between now and that time of great encounter. Your world has a range of vibrations and is changing. You personally vibrate at a high level of spiritual frequency, as do the ligthworkers, but there still are low vibrations in your world of physicality, the physical realm. Healing will be taking place as the whole world of souls is being uplifted. As I grow nearer I will be able to have a healing effect upon you, as well as one of regeneration. You will literally be experiencing a transfiguration, and with it will come a precipitation of the supply that I will bring and that you are also magnetizing to yourself. Our I Am Presence, has explained the process of my appearance, or manifestation, in your world, and touched upon the fact that millions of other beings who will return in this way are now in preparation to do so, and are building bodies they will be using.  They are forming the four lower bodies which will be vehicles for the higher etheric soul extension that we are, but which will be pure. As soul extensions of your higher selves you also are in these lower etheric, mental, emotional, and physical vehicles but they are affected, or worn out, by life and the misuse of energy or light.


Millions of Galactic beings who presently reside upon the higher realms have chosen the same method to descend upon your world, whereas many advanced souls, even ascended masters, have chosen the route of incarnation and have already re-appeared in this way during the last few decades. Some are in the world as children and will take their place, according to the divine plan master-minded long ago, to be able to carry out their sacred labor in the world at the right time. Many masters that you have heard of have already incarnated during the last decades in order to take part in the Events of the Ascension. As you know Ascension is a process that is continuous and that is being enhanced, as well as accelerated by the use of the position of the earth and entire Solar System in the Photonic Belt. We have also penetrated a Stargate of gigantic dimension. This occurred on September 28, 2015. The effect of doing so shold normally have stripped mankind of the veils and all of the shackles of their own creation in an instant but the quantum leap that should normaly have occurred to the 5th dimension in physicality was slowed down, or paced by the use of the Blue Avians’ technology that has a diffusing effect upon the Light and energies that are distributed to the world and every soul. In this way a solution has been provided to permit a greater percentage of the population to awaken and progress upon the Path of Ascension. Yes, this has taken place. I repeat it because it seems a little surreal since there is no scientific proof of this except for the fact that NASA has images of the Photon Belt and babies are being born with a third strand in their DNA whereas there were but two before. The Solar system is in a Stargate and travelling to take position as a system orbiting Sirius A. All of this, if I may refresh your memory, forms a part of an ancient divine Plan to elevate the Earth and the Solar System to a dimension which will provide a more comfortable way of physicality for the incarnated souls.


I re-ascended in your year 2012 and the method of being self-begotten, as it used to be called in antiquity, is the one that will permit us to be reunited in the context of Ascension in physicality.


Many Galactic beings vibrating at my own level are presently engaged in this work. That is the reason I will be absent now and again, and you have been introduced to my assistant who will replace me and carry out the same guardian duties for short periods of time, and has said his name is ‘Bartholomew’. Father God has said to include in the message that I am giving you that the time ahead will be full of joys and happiness when the great reunion starts occurring. It will be a time of preparation for a quantum leap to the fifth dimension in physicality. Of course, as it has been explained before, in consciousness you, the first two waves, have already reached the fifth dimension.


Our divine and supreme Father has also spent a long time explaining to you the mysteries relating to the Door that the Seat of the Soul chakra represents to a world of feelings that has been designed for the experience of intense love that can only be felt in the physicality of the world to come, so that the oneness of the polarities that are masculine and feminine can be part of life and one’s being, but in a transcended form by comparison to the basic sexual activity that is common in the world at the level at which the majority of people are able to experience it at the moment. Twin flames will experience the oneness they possess at the inner level as they are part of a same unit of being. In physicality they experience a separation which permits a transcended, active, rather than passive, reunion. He spoke of the time ahead when you will continue existing and rejuvenating. For some lightbearers and lightworkers, or Star seeds, this time of Transition will happen in a different way because they will pass away. But then their ascension will be easier without the physical body. They will be sent to Mystery schools where they will be undergoing intensive tuition and will awaken if they have not. Time is different upon our level. They will still be able to return after spiritual ascension in the world and bring their light to it. They will return to their family DNA and be born in the family, if they chose that method, pretty quickly after their death although the equivalent time spent upon the other side of the River of Life will be more extensive, like decades.


This time of Transition that is starting now with Disclosure, as we have foretold it before, will be quite long but it will not be one in which you will be ageing if you have chosen to remain in physicality, as the clocks are being turned back, so it won’t matter. Karma has been balanced beyond the 51% of planetary requirement. That is the point at which there was a new beginning. It was March 30, 2016, and also was the date chosen by the Master El Morya to incarnate, and anchor his Light in Britain to bring back the high ideals of Knighthood to society and eventually, as part of his sacred labor, to be influencial, with many others, in creating a new civilization which will represent the manifestation of Saint Germain’s vision for a Golden Age. It will raise mankind so it can take its place as a Star nation in the ranks of the Galactic Federation of Light. Father God explained how this enterprise will refine mankind in its sensitivity and uplift it to an enlightened state. It will benefit from interaction with the Galactic beings who are famiy because they are the distant past forefathers who remained upon the higher dimension, holding the flame and the link with your divine Self in Christ consciousness, while many of you descended into the third dimension in successive incarnations, some interrupted with your ascensions, but the latter were not always possible in the past.


What our Divine Presence has conveyd to you is that, ahead of this period of Transition and of Reunion, or of great encounters, are the present changes beginning to take place at an incredible pace, with Disclosure.  We are moving forwar during the next 6 months of this year of 2016 with disclosure beginning to take place in the mainstream media. There is a change of attitude occurring as the media is beginning to perceive a different reality in the unfoldment of many events, especialy those in association with the American Elections. There is of course a great expectation with the American Elections as it is through them that the Establishment can be opposed and the control of the 1%, as well as the dark Overlords’ manipulations, can be eradicated once and for all.


Back on February 18 and 28, 2016,  when Archangel Gabriel and Mother Mary first disclosed to you that it was Donald Trump who will be elected President, we gave you these prophecies and continued to inform you that he was still on track. He has now won the necessary delegates for this to become a reality and he is receiving a different kind of attention from the media. A battle has already been won in regards a certain dissemination of misrepresentation for a political agenda. Once the strings of control are totally severed the Leaders of the Nations will be freed to make changes to spread peace around the world. It will be freed from that captivity under the forces of darkness that soulght to precipitate more and more chaos upon the surface of this globe to serve their own agenda.


The Elections will play an important role in the changes that will not only transfigure the American Continent, but the whole world, because it was the nefarious activies of the War Industries that caused the decline along the lines plotted for many decades by the Dark Forces. These fallen ones had an antichrist agenda in the sense that they intended to sabotage the Plan of Ascension. They held on to the deluded misconception  that such a thing was possible,  just to keep their wealth and power, just to remain in control and  hold the strings to create anarchy. But, as you know, the Divine Plan for this Earth, this Solar System and the Galaxy, was master-minded 25 millions years ago. The Earth is the planet that was to play a key role in the Ascension to bring physicality to a higher place, one upon which these dark entities cannot pass to, for it is necessary to have magnetized light to yourselves, to your soul, to pass into this spiritual kingdom. Yet it will be a kingdom of heaven on an Earth of physicality. There will be a Christed population upon Earth.


Father God of our I Am Presence also reafirmed to you today that the descent into the lower dimension was an accident. The Earth will first be restored to the higher physicality that it had in Lemuria, the fifth dimension. One of the causes and cores of this accident was the Galactic wars that raged for millions of years, and more specifically the Reptilian interference. It was necessary to forge a plan to eradicate it. They played a nefarious role in the history of the Galaxy, one of which was the introduction of technology, as well as a decline that culminated with the destruction of Maldek. As a third of its souls were allowed to reincarnate upon Earth they recreated a pattern that was present in their civilization but the Spiritual Overlords of our Galaxy, as well as our solar system, prohibited a repetition of the destruction that happened to that planet that orbited between Mars and Jupiter. These fallen ones had also caused the downfall of the Atlantean civilization and its obliteration. The grand Plan to reinstate Righteousness included a mass incarnation upon Earth of volonteers who would cause the systems of anarchism over the entire globe to be altered. The Pleiadeans have called these volunteers ‘system busters’. What occurs is that your thoughts first produce changes in your own life and your own environment. Then the ripple effect occurs. Transformations in the material world always start from your own thoughts, desires, and your vision. The Elementals then bring those thoughtforms into activation into the physical world.


There was great opposition from the dark forces to our own visualizations and prayers which are more direct calls for changes to the Angelic Kingdom, and for their intervention. The dark forces have been participating in satanic black magic rituals. Many leaders in allegiance with the sinister Astral force have participated in such rituals in an attempt to ruin of the souls of Light and affect world politics. However, we are seeing the end of all this.


As said before, the forces of the Light operate in ways that don’t consist in battling and exterminating the enemy. The Dark has been given a chance of turning to the Light and changing camp. However, at the same time, this is the Time of the Harvest and the final Judgment is being given to them when their time is up. It depends on their potential. There is forgiveness if they are willing to bend the knee. They had but a limited time during which they could be tested. So it was prophesied that there would be a time of Harvest. And it has arrived.


The Galactic War against a vortex of Evil that influenced the souls of Maldek had to be defeated first. The entity known as Lucifer throughout the last 2000 years was given its final Judgment [refer to the video entitled ‘Vials of Karma’]. Despite the fact that this reptilian mafia has recently been abolished, mankind has still been under attack by the forces of darkness residing upon the Astral plane. The lower astral plane was cleared up over a period of many decades and the sinister force that reaches out from the astral plane to affect the lightworkers has been losing power in a gradual way. Souls are being disentangled in the Armageddon of the psyche and the teachings of the Ascended Masters, including the Anunciation concerning the I Am Presence, or Spirit Within, are reaching millions of souls. They are being cut free from the concepts that led to materialism and those of the duality that are typical of the third dimension.


There is no room for evil in the new world. Righteousness is the key. This is why there is a Galactic Order of Righteousness, the ancient word for which is ‘the Order of Melchizedek’. Zedek means ‘righteousness’. And ‘Melche’ means ‘Order’ in the sense of Heaven, by contrast to the Material world, which up to now has been a realm of darkness, being ‘chaos’ or chaotic. ‘Melche’ also relates to the whole Galaxy of the Milky Way. This Order has also been known since the 19th century as ‘The Great White Brotherhood’. It is a brotherhood and sisterhood reflecting an amicable harmony between all beings in this system. This Order incorporates a concept of Peace and is involved in a work of Tuition


The time of Transition that is upon you all, and that is beginning with many changes and disclosure, will develop into a program of distribution of knowledge that will expose what has been suppressed. It will become a national purpose, something like an ambition across the nations. To every single aspect that will be disclosed there wil be a reaction that will produce wonderful changes and a reality beyond what you can presently conceive. Coinciding with this period of Disclosure during which the suppression of truth will be exposed, as well as the machievalic machinations of the former Establishment leaders, there will be a need for teaching, as well as working as some kind of ambassadors for the introduction to mankind of the existence of its Galactic family of the Stars. I have been working with Ashtar Command, the airborne division of the Great White Brotherhood which is also called the Spiritual Overseer, or Hierarchy, of this Solar System. This is because I am a soul extension of Archangel Michael and I have ascended at the conclusion of every embodiment. I was incarnated as Chrétien de Troyes and previously as James, the brother of Jesus.  In a more remote time, that of Abraham, who was an incarnation of the Master El Morya, I was his son Isaac. I first descended with my twin flame during the Golden Age of Lemuria. We lived through the Atlantean decline and the downfall of its civilization but in that part of the world which was later inhabited by the Athenians. I shall be coming to provide a service, to work on the project of creating a new Gaia, or recreating a civilization which will be worthy of representation as a Nation in the Galactic Federation of Light. I work with the First Ray and the Flame of Archangel Michael. The Chohan of the First Ray, the Ascended Master El Morya, is already in embodiment in Britain.


There are so many events to occur between now and the end of this year. Your rituals and prayers constitute a great service as they provide the green light for the angelic Kingdom to help you in your birthing Christ consciousness, and to intervene in those situations that are still the cause of dark conspiracies. We are looking forward to see how the events will be played out upon the world scene during the next few months. A new vision of a better world will start to appear. Some of you may be waiting for something to happen, something that will release you from perpetual stress, not knowing how you will get food on the table. The economic situation in many countries is part of the dark conspiracy to keep you occupied with finding solutions for your survival. But all of this will soon come to an end now. You will see how better consitions will slowly unfold because of the absence of dark interference. The new governance in many countries, the struggle for change that has resulted with action, as well as the introduction of new technologies, disclosure, and teaching, will play the most important part after the battle is won to regain control from the Establishment. Next year is the year of Enlightenment. Everyone will be receiving information and gradually developing certain abilities during the next few years, due to the changes in your DNA. They will permit many people to enter into telepathic communication with the angelic kingdom, the Ascended Masters, as well as your Galactic family. Some teachings will be necessary to prepare mankind for the quantum leap to be properly anchored physically upon the 5th dimension or density, following the one to the 4th density at the end of this year. The one to the 5th is a jump that will offer life without disease or death in a utopic paradise, or golden Age.


So, having given you a glimpse of future events, including a financial reset that will change your living conditions, I hope I have provided a vision for you to hold on to during the few last months of difficulties for some among you. Hold on to your hats, beloved ones, as there are woes, but also a great wind of enlightenment about to sweep upon the surface of the planet. It will be blowing round your world. You are about to experience cosmic surgery! This is a time of great encounters and great reunion, a time of so-called ‘First Contact’ with your Star families. But it is not first and they have never left. We have always been one. We are coming though and working through, and with you. Archangel Michael is at your side with his legions of ‘Blue Ray’ Angels, garding you. All the Angelic Kingdom and Ascended Masters, as well as Galactic brothers and sisters join me today, to hold your hands and say ‘come up higher’. Alleluiah! We have nearly accomplished our goal! Joy and happiness be with you on hearing this message.


Christine: Thank you André for this dictation and I Am Presence for this instruction.

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