Let’s Dance!

The dance floor has been a place for many of us to heal and express ourselves freely through dancing raising our frequency and being with like minded people. Unfortunately the blindness of few to make more money without carrying about the well being of all brought the clubbing scene to its knees (call it C19 or anything else). We live on a planet that is ascending with human beings equally ascending . This means our bodies are changing to accommodate higher frequencies of Light and since dancing and celebration is one of the best ways to keep raising our frequency, i am asking myself what the future holds in relation to coming together to celebrate as ONE, this time being careful of our health and sleeping patterns as new beings living in a new world with each and everyone aware of our ONEness. I can only imagine and feel into this moment where we dance and express ourselves freely again .The dancefloor so far is the only place that i found LOVE is expressed more easily by all present. Call me a conspiracy theorist i don’t care. I have witnessed the degradation of the clubbing scene and i feel that once more and more among us are able to face our darkness and love unconditionally ourselves and all others and forgive, creating by the same authentic joy from within, the clubbing scene will flourish again not because we need to dance to be happy but because we are happy within at all times and we celebrate our new found freedom together as ONE dancing and expressing freely as the ‘good old times’ with an important tweak from inside out that makes the whole difference of our existence as humanity that made it this time. Oh what a celebration this would be!!! and because i know this is already achieved in the higher dimensions, i already celebrate in this now by feeling into it more and more and playing music that i love and dancing even if there is nobody around that gets it so far 🙂 or maybe some of you really get it . So LET’s DANCE!!!!🥳💚🙂

Picture Credit :#MorningGloryVille