Your skies overhead are now literally filled with our spacecraft!

by Beth Stormont

Greetings, Dear Ones! We are so very pleased to be back with you as we bring a message that may be somewhat new to you.

The new message is that Galactic Fleet Command is much expanded over the seven patrol ships that we have been in the past.

We now have many more from other planets and galaxies that have joined with us in these final days of the Ascension process… both spaceships and personnel! Your skies overhead are now literally filled with our spacecraft! All of this is added to the fleet of Ashtar Command, which has existed for eons of time.

An interesting aspect of this expansion is the addition of many humans who have left Planet Earth to become a part of our patrolling endeavors.

Many of them were living lives of great struggle and sacrifice, and so they were given this opportunity to join forces with us in a more positive way. Since they have themselves experienced such a difficult way of life, they have chosen to now aid their Earth brothers and sisters by working with us from the Higher realms.

We feel deeply honored that they have made this choice — and we have welcomed them with the greatest of joy and love!

These new members of our fleet bring great benefit to us, for they can bring first-hand knowledge of what you on the planet are actually experiencing… a perspective that can come only from the experiencing itself. The painful memories of what they had experienced before leaving the planet received amelioration from a healing orientation before they joined us. But there will naturally be an empathic connection of pain that will be revived in them as their work with you on the ground commences.

We hope you realize what a sacrifice this is that they are making for you with such loving intent. They could have chosen to go on to a more pleasing planet than is this current one – or even to the 5D Earth planet itself – but they chose instead to stay to help bring the final victory of Ascension to Mother Gaia and her Humanity.

This is the message we were anxious to bring to you, so that you might also rejoice with us, Dear Ones. We are so very proud of you who have so bravely chosen to take on Human form at this time… whether working among the ground forces or in the air!

If you have the privilege of living a life that is not with extreme difficulty or suffering – (when seen from the 5D perspective, of course) – we wish for you to know how very much your efforts are needed and appreciated as members of the ground crews. We could not carry out the work needed in the air without the efforts and support of those of you on the ground — please know this!

We hold you ever in the Love and Light of the Cosmic Christ — and send you all the love, light, and joy that we are capable of sending!

Blessings, Dear Ones.