Hilarion Update – April 2021

beloved ones i come on the wings of love the disclosures of information that has been hidden from the knowledge and awareness of the earth’s citizens keep coming up to be pondered by humanity in order for them to awaken to the crucial individual choices that must be made by every citizen upon this planet each citizen is part of a greater collective of consciousness that encompasses the entirety of the planet and must decide if they are in consent with all that is being presented to them more people are awakening to the understanding that they must take a stand for a better quality of life that is available to them than is being portrayed by the media and ruling authorities at this time they are coming to the understanding that those who rule in each country are meant to serve the good of all citizen sand they are seeing that these individuals are not doing the job they were elected or assigned to accomplish the citizens are starting to demand these individuals to resign from their positions for they are not serving their citizens and their countries as promised and are instead trying to control dictate and enslave the population through severe restrictions of their basic human rights the citizens of the planet are in the midst of struggling to regain their sovereignty and freedom so far those in positions of authority are not seeing the writing on the wall for it has become clear to the earth’s citizens that these people are moving ahead in their agendas and plans without any consideration for what the citizens are demanding the abuse of power these ones wield is based on a very slippery foundation that is already crumbling across the entire planet for what supported them before is now no longer available to them all such structures have been broken and restored to the people and their planet. earth terra gaia and all of its inhabitants the intensity of the infinity light from the cosmos that is flowing into the earth’s atmosphere.

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