I love the art of manifestation and i am diving into it directly and by the same invite you to do the same because this is the best time to make use of the energies. The truth is that everybody is about to become financially free through the NESARA /GESARA programs..

Just imagine or feel or both a world where everyone has Basic Universal Income, where everyone has abundance of organic foods and water and where each and everyone has the roof of their liking over their heads in the land or country they desire to live. Imagine poverty poof vanished just like that. Imagine Free Energy used everywhere and imagine Celestial Chambers /Medbeds available for each home where everyone can heal any condition in less than 3 ‘.All diseases vanished poof just like that. Imagine vast green areas and everybody driving flying cars or hover cars. Imagines everybody aware and connected to God within on a loving and forgiving planet that works for all life on a peaceful Mother Earth GAIA.

So much to add to all this tapestrty.

What do you wish to add for yourself personally and for all humanity?

I Dream BIG. Again and Again. I Never quit! till I get what I want. I invite you to do the same.More than ever the time is now.

Happy Creation and Manifestation to you and me and GOD speed!

Feel More Than Fine