Linda Dillon: Jesus discusses Growing the Cities of Light, Transmuting Covid/Vaccines, Easing of the Mother’s Pause, and more…

This beautiful channel is lovingly shared with us by the Denver City of Light Group from their reading with Linda Dillon.

Greetings, I am Jesus, I am Yeshua, I am Yeshi. I am known by so many names, for Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Sananda, all are One and all are integral.

I know what it is, my beloved friends, my sweet sisters of light, to engage in the activity of quite literally transforming a city, a village, a continent, a planet, a galaxy into a being of light and the challenges, and at times, yes, the frustrations, the feeling of impossibility and the infinite possibility for some who naysay and some who stand in support.

Let me be very clear – and I speak for many and I speak for our Mother – when I tell you that the tide is turning”. Now, I could say to you that “the tide has turned,” and then you would look around and look for either the in-rushing waters or the out-flowing waters. So I say to you: the tide is turning so that you observe the shift in the energies as the water proceeds and recedes because that is exactly what is occurring.

This is but one form, and might I suggest to you the final form, in this phase of our Mother’s Plan, of her Tsunami. It is coming and washing away what no longer serves… and at the same time infusing, infilling, bringing the New… and then, as it recedes, revealing the New. Much work… no, much accomplishment has taken place in very apparent ways and in ways that you would consider more subtle. It matters not. The shift is underway.

Now, the shift of Gaia, the shift of dimensions, the shift of the kingdoms has already been mostly accomplished. You know that. What you have been awaiting, what you have been participating in, is the shift of the human heart consciousness – the deep acceptance not just of yourselves, but most certainly of yourselves, but of the collective that you are love. You are many things and they are all emanating from the essence of love; it is the very fibres of your being. And so, yes, you are correct when you say you are doing your work because you are loving each other – because that is the beginning, the middle and the end.

The work that you engage in as the human hearts open and are hungry for the love, your job is to feed them, to give them that essence, for it truly is the mana which will help them survive. It is this essence that allows them to open and begin to consciously receive and give the love to other species, whether it is galactic or intergalactic, a dog, a cat, a snail, a camel… it matters not because it is all the same, as you well know, sweet ones.

There is no being – and certainly no being upon your planet at this time – that does not yearn for love. Even the most aberrant behaviours come from issues of self-worth, come from issues of ego, of wanting to be more important, more noticed, more worthy, and that is simply coming from a place of feeling lost, a massive effort of ego to be seen.

You ask for the most significant changes, and one thing I share with you is that this sense of division – this sense in so many ways of ‘us and them’, of Jews and Romans, of lightworkers and the general populous, of those who seek to do harm and those who seek to build light – that division dissolves, as it must, because it can only be one community, one circle, one family.

That has been and it will be – not the greatest challenge, which it has been – it will be the most significant shift: that everybody, from the smallest to the largest, becomes a bringer, a holder, a transmitter, a receptor of love. That is the fulfilment of the Mother’s Plan and it is extraordinarily simple.

No, it is not complex, because all it truly requires is a subtle ‘yes’ from within – a subtle acceptance, yes, by the individual, that that is what they have been seeking – and a subtle acceptance by the collective that all are welcome, that there cannot be this sense of delineation. That is what your beautiful City of Light is about. It is about eradicating, erasing, the senses of separation between various species, between various groups, so that it is inclusive. All are there.

So what it means… no, not in denial or naivety; it does not mean that you do not acknowledge that there are some further along than others, that there are some that still hold mayhem in their hearts, in their lives. So what! That is the response because as they find that they are truly valued, not for the grandiose or hidden gestures but for the essence of who they are, then the need to act out in various ways simply disappears – not to eradicate delightful ego and personality; that is the texture, the fibre, the diversity – but the sense that one is in and one is out, one is right and one is wrong. That has need to go.

The Cities of Light, my beloveds, are beacons of hope that shine brightly across the planet. And yes, that is why they are growing, and yes, that is why they expand within and without, so that people can find them, that they [can] migrate to. It is not an exclusive club.

Oh, your circle will always be intact because you have accepted not only the love of each other, you have also accepted the Mother’s mantle of responsibility. You are the insurers that things do not go off-track. So you hold the clarity of the intention, you hold the clarity of action, both subtle and actual, particularly as you move into more and more action.

You are surrounded. Many, many, many, many of your Star Family are already well-situated and they subtly allow themselves to be seen and known and engaged with. And again, that sense of separation will simply disappear – that some are favoured and some are not. You do not ask an opera singer why they do not know quantum mechanics! You do not do that. Each has this vast beauty that is allowed to come, and burst forth, and grace the collective. But what you are doing is you are nurturing those seeds, those plants, so that they can come forth and quite literally blossom… yes, even in the snow.

Do not concern yourself about the Covid vaccines. You have many tools at hand, that you have and that we have given you, that transmute any type of reaction to this substance. Yes, I highly recommend the Violet and the Silver Flame. Do not forget, the Silver is also one of the gifts of your Star Family. And of course, when in doubt, please do use my Magenta. If you take it – and yes, infuse it with Violet – but if you hold it, actually or etherically, and infuse it with love, then you have changed the composition, you have infused it with the Mother’s Essence.

It is important that misleading information about the desire to do harm is not heeded. It is an individual, priceless decision about what you choose to take into your body on any level, but many will be saved from this. Let me also say this is part of the clearing of the way.

It is not that lightholders hold a certain level of frequency – which you do! – but you do not separate yourself and say, “We hold enough light so we are safe”. No! That puts you above and separate. You must be part of, you must be loving and seen to be loving, and of service to ALL of your communities – and they are vast and they are varied. And yes, eventually the University Hospital will be part of this undertaking, but not quite yet; in about a year or two, as the light quotient grows.

So you say to me, “Well, Lord, how do we grow this?” And I say to you the same thing I said to you well over 2,000 years ago: “You are already doing it!” You have seen, you have the experience of how each of you, very different, have come together not only in collective purpose but united heart. That is a sacred blessing – and it is a sacred blessing to each of you, and it is a sacred blessing to Gaia, and it most certainly is a sacred offering to the Mother/Father/One.

Look to your communities as they expand, as they grow. What you think of as your Star Family, as the kingdoms, are already extraordinarily busy in bringing forth this City of Light, and they are working with each of you. So, next task, if I can be that practical, is the humans. Now, it is not a matter of “What club should I join? What group should I connect with? What condo should I go live in?” because it ALL matters.

I will tell you, when I have walked the Earth as man, my greatest challenge was not just my community – and I am talking about a personal challenge, yes, knowing full well why I was on-planet, in form, to rekindle love. I was challenged by the Zealots, I was challenged by the Pharisees, I was challenged by the Rabbis, and by the Romans who had their own set of beliefs. Those were the ones that offered up to me the greatest challenge, difficulty.

My first choice was not to go and to talk to them – and yet, that was exactly who I needed to talk to! Those who would gather on the hillsides or in the city streets, we were on the same page, we desired the same things, we knew about the power of the Father, and yes, somewhat the Mother, and certainly the power of love and healing.

So often, in every society throughout history on Earth and far beyond, healing is equated with love. That is why so many of you are engaged in healing. It is a gift of heart. But it is always more difficult to extend oneself, in discernment but never judgement, to those who hold different perspectives. And yet, my beloved sisters, I say this to you because you are strong, because you are mighty, and because you are ready for these next steps: that is who you will reach out to, and you will reach out to the disenfranchised. K, I have spoken to you about this before.

The Mother’s Pause and Covid will ease up certainly in Spring. The humans are being asked again and again to be still and decide what is precious, what is of value, what is worth the toil, and some have decided very quickly and clearly, and some are slower. That is why we use the analogy of the tide coming in and receding. It is underway. You are birthing not only yourselves; you are the midwives of humanity and you are the midwives of this City of Light. And on behalf of many, let me say: “You are doing a magnificent job.”

So create the practice of equality, especially with those that want to refuse equality. You are warriors, you are wayshowers, you are bravehearts, and you are my family and we are with you, sweet angels, every step of the way.

The Lady [of Guadalupe] is with you. It is amazing, is it not, in the truest sense of how many faces our Mother has! But She has reached out to each of you in sacred union partnership, and you are understanding and you are gathering your golden filaments, you are gathering far beyond this planet… far beyond.

So it is not about particularly feeling grounded at the moment. It is getting used to accommodating your inter/multidimensional self where your grounding rod, of course, is into Gaia, because to think of her as homebase… but you are really grounding in the Heart of One and that is a different, very different sensation, and it is a sensation you don’t want to miss.

It also engages, triggers, activates this deeper sense of trust in your sweet sacred self that you can be grounded in the Heart of One and expanded out into the multiverse, and that your human vehicle, your vessel – your healthy, vibrant, frequency vessel – is just fine. And that your trust with Gaia, using her magnetic field connecting with your electromagnetic field, is keeping you on ground, feeding you, nurturing you – that the air and the sun and the moon, Saturn and Jupiter, they are all feeding you and grounding you, and they are also saying, “Come play with us!”

You know, you have lived, so you know what it is to be an Earth Being. Now you are learning, adjusting, because you have always known it: you are remembering that you are also a Universal Being. You are as galactic and intergalactic as those who are arriving knocking at your door. Do not deny yourself! It does not mean that you don’t feed and nurture and pay attention to your vessel – it is a sacred, sacred gift – but it is acknowledging, truly accepting, and then allowing, surrendering… But you are so much more!

So you ask about next steps. It is not about ‘do this, do that’. It is about exploring, expanding, and accepting, allowing, surrendering to the massive nature of who you really are. You are the template; you are the living, breathing example of what a Nova Gaian is, looks like, and how they behave. You are continuing my work, you are fulfilling the promise, and for this I thank you, my beloved friends. Thank you!

Let me finish by saying this. You are safe. You are safe, you are attended to, you are shielded, you are anchored. Of course, you are prudent, but you are not fearful for I walk beside you. No one messes with me! [Laughter]

Go with my love and go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

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