Dealing with potential unrest in our surroundings.

Last night, as i was ready to go to bed at the usual time (22h00) and feeling really at peace after a beautiful meditation ,a family member that lives in the same house i stay for the moment, begun making noise and fighting with his girlfriend and screaming out loud. Now to my sense, every time this happens it is only because there are intense energies and each and everyone who is angry with another are only dealing with own karmic situation and inner conflict that needs to be resolved with inner work…the way one feels, is never about another but about how one deals with inner trauma. This with the arrival of intense energies of Love and Light may create a bigger resistance in someone who is not aware of the process of Ascension and it may be perceived as violence from the external. And since all this, for me it is quite easy to deal with such situation by not participating, not engaging at all costs and being a silent observer. And then again i ask myself what is this experience offering me here, what is that i can learn since this has been happening for a while now during these last 12 months that i am staying in the same house, as usually i am travelling, this is the first time i stay at one place for so long…i definetely don
t wear a mask and i definetely will not travel with a mask and will travel under my own sovereign conditions in divine time. And so after asking myself this question i was guided to read a book i have in my library :the book of living and dying by Rinpoche. And spontaneously i read a paragraph where a teacher explains to their student how one can assist someone in case of extreme pain in process of dying: The pain can be seen as the pain of all who suffer on the planet and the pain can be transmuted through compassion for all with the intention to heal all who are into pain through the feeling of pain. The pain then becomes smoother and even understood for its deeper meaning….and so i applied this to my experience…instead of trying to impose myself and through ‘common sense’ go down the stairs and say: can you stop making noise? i resolved into this practice. Myself i was not in pain ,just in need to sleep and by doing that i expressed my intention to assist all those that find themselves in same situation like me or even worst when many have to share same space or even worst between couples where situation can get easily out of control if one of the partners is not aware of what takes place within them.

Maybe something that you can try out if you find yourself in similar situation.