your focus must be – first and foremost – on the inside.

Jennifer Crokaert ~Ashian: Wake Up – Everyday!

March 4, 2021,

Wake up: Every Day! You are in a highly charged, transitional phase, embedding extremely refined vibrations that are transforming your bodies, your lives and your world, from the inside out. So your focus must be – first and foremost – on the inside.

See and surrender any thoughts that bring you down.

See and smile at any thoughts that lift you up.

As often as it is practical: Stop! Become aware of yourself, your breath, your thoughts, your love within.

When you do this, you are attracting the higher vibrations to you more strongly and you are grounding them.

Really, this energy is not new, it has always existed, but it has been beyond your experience, like a country you cannot imagine because you have not visited it. Now you are not just visiting, you are moving home!

This new energy will create more change, it will shake life dramatically, so that all that is not pure of heart will shake free. It is not pleasant, we understand this because we monitor your emotions minutely. However, we also see that the intensity of this experience is galvanising the commitment of lightworkers, of the pure of heart; it is focusing your love, your compassion, your forgiveness in unimaginable ways.

You are creating Alchemy. You are the Alchemists. You are coming home to your true home, your higher vibrational home.

Many, many miracles will occur – alongside the shaking loose of all that has decayed – and there is much to rejoice in these times.

Be strong, be weak… it matters not. Just notice the flow within.

Breathe! Smile a little smile, even if it is only to make yourself feel better – there is nothing more important.