Co Creating New Earth

I AM weaving my gifts, talents, skills, knowledge,
strength, courage, compassion and love into the
tapestry of the Divine Plan for the New Earth.
I AM responding to my Heart’s Call,
and I AM God in Action.
I AM Consecrating my thoughts, words, feelings and
actions to be the greatest force of good
I can be on this planet.
I AM making a positive difference every day.
Through the focus of my attention, I AM expressing the
following Divine Truths:
I AM One with ALL Life.
I AM Divine Love.
I AM Infinite Abundance.
I AM the Harmony of my true Being.
I AM Vibrantly Healthy and Eternally Youthful.
I AM a Peace Commanding Presence.
The actions I take every day improve my family, my job,
my community, my city, my country and the world.
I have a Healing Touch.
I AM communing with the Angelic Kingdom and
the Elemental Kingdom.
I AM Transfiguring this planet into the New Earth.
And so it is.

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