If you tune into a feeling, you pick up and broadcast that feeling.

Message from the Angels via Ann Albers
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You’ve heard it countless times. “The power is in the present.” You know it. Most of you believe it. Yet in the throes of human drama, you forget this fundamental principle of human empowerment. We don’t blame you. While presence has been practiced in monasteries and mystery schools throughout the ages, you are among the first generation of human beings striving to weave this wisdom into the mass consciousness.

“Sounds great,” many of you tell us. “I know I can be peaceful now. I know I can choose kinder thoughts now, but how will that help me pay the bills? How will that ease my loneliness? How will that heal my body, or help my kids feel better?” Of course, as human beings, you want to solve your life’s challenges. You want to have your manifestations. You want to live in love, in grace, and in joy.

We want you to live the most empowered, inspired, abundant, loving lives possible too! We feel your joy. We feel your loving emanations. We feel your inspired, empowered, creative vibrations. They are ours as well. We could choose to focus ourselves into your pain, your anger, your sadness, and your frustrations, but were we to do so, we would not be able to help lift you up into our higher, happier vibrations.

Dear ones, you have choice. You are learning that tuning your inner tuners – by choosing thoughts that make you feel good and cause you to emanate higher vibrations – is the process that will get you far greater results than all the effort and struggle and efforting in the world. We are not telling you to sit still, feel abundant and loving, do nothing, and let money rain on you and people knock on your door (although that has happened to some). We are saying that when you tune into a higher and happier vibe, now, here, in the present moment, you begin to attract flow, grace, ease, and inspired action.

Joyous effort leads to joyous results. Painful forced efforts lead to more pain along the way. Focusing on sickness keeps you sick. Handling it but focusing on what feels good – in any thought or area of your life – supports your shift to well-being. Handling the bills in front of you best as you can while giving thanks for all abundance in your life and the world, or even sustaining an abundant attitude of gratitude, will bring you more abundance.

A happy now leads to a happy later. Living in a vibration of abundance now attracts abundance later. Living in a vibration of love now attracts more love later. Living in a vibration of feeling good in any way in your life now leads to health and vitality later. Whatever vibration you are emanating now is tuning you into more of that later. The good news is that your positive vibrations are much stronger than your negative vibrations. One single thought of true self-love or self-acknowledgment sustained for less than a minute can point your entire life in a more positive direction.

Now. Here. This is all you have. The past only exists if you carry it with you and dredge it up in your memories. The future is imagined. If it makes you feel good to think about the past or the future right now, then enjoy those thoughts and feelings! If, however, it makes you feel sad, angry, upset, disempowered, or in a generally low vibe to think of the past or imagined future, stop! Catch yourself. Learn to question yourself more often, “Do I feel good now? If not what better thoughts can I choose now?”

You are energetic beings. You are learning to tune your tuners to vibrations that feel good, by choosing thoughts that stimulate good feelings.

In the future you will understand that your technology is a mirror of your own very being. If you tune a radio to a station it picks up and broadcasts that station. If you tune into a feeling, you pick up and broadcast that feeling.

If the vibration is positive, you pick up the supporting vibrations of the universe, as well as any positive vibrations from humanity.

If the vibration is “negative” you might block the positive, supporting vibrations around you and tune into the negative vibrations in humanity.

There is only a broadcast of love and the highest vibrations from the heavens. To the degree that you choose thoughts that feel good, you tune into this broadcast! To the degree that you allow thoughts that feel bad, you create static on the line and don’t as easily hear the broadcasts from higher realms. Play with this often. When faced with a feeling you do not like, ask yourself, “What thought can I think that feels better?” Do you have a bill you don’t know how to pay? Look out the window. Breathe. Appreciate the beauty of the mountains in the distance, or the song of a bird in a tree. Focus on that feeling. Keep raising your vibe. Imagine you are dialing a dial and tuning into higher and happier feelings. Now think of that bill. It is still there. Is there anything you can do right at this moment? Are you getting guided now? If so, act joyously. If not go about your business, keep your vibe high, and enjoy your day while waiting for inspired guidance and action. It really can be that simple. One thought at a time… here, and now.

Your power dear ones, comes from the vibration you tune into right here, right now. What you tune into now will determine what you experience later. Keep the tuner as high and happy as you possibly can… one better thought at a time in the present moment.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels