The fact that many are crystallizing their DNA and teaching others how to do it as well, is why you are being censored.-Ashtar-

Note:before getting into this channeling,from previous channeling reading of Matthew Ward that you can find on this website,we know that the vaccines have been neutralized to a degree that they do no harm in such extend.With this i don’t mean go ahead and do it,i am totally against it and if someone chooses to do it at least they have been foretold the best we can.


Ashtar Sheran
January 28 Update

​Me: Hi, Ashtar. I’ve had another intuition and perhaps I’m reading a timeline. This has to do with the intentions of the deep state and the Negative Alien Alliance. I understand that they’re the spiteful type of energy that would think, “If we can’t have it, then neither will you,” and by that I mean that I intuited that they’re trying to hold off the ascension of humanity on earth so that when the Event comes that we’ll be unprepared for it and many will die. Is that correct?
Ashtar: Hello Sharon, that is one eventuality that could play out.
Me: How do we prevent that?
Ashtar: You have been doing the meditations to put earth on a more positive track towards a more positive outcome. Understand that we have been delaying the final release of energy that some call the Event so that earthlings can prepare for this energetic event. Of course the Negative Alien Alliance and the deep state will be doing as much as possible to prevent your being prepared to withstand the energetic blast, because they are still hoping to take all upon the planet off of this timeline and back into timelines that aren’t affected by the event, artificial timelines as it were.
Me: Like where we were. These timelines are still in effect, though.
Ashtar: They are, however they are diminishing in power. What the deep state is doing is trying to prevent the ascension of humanity and attempting to cull off the Nordic and other benevolent types of DNA. In doing this they can perfect the hybrid bodies that they find suitable for themselves, the reptilian/human hybrid.
The fact that many are crystallizing their DNA and teaching others how to do it as well, is why you are being censored. The vehicle for this is truth. They don’t want you connecting with each other. The reasons for everything that happens upon earth go far deeper than simply trying to delay a revolution of the people. This revolution would be created by the fact that your DNA is crystallizing, and those with reptilian DNA are transmuting this DNA into purely human crystalline DNA.
The deep state are the players on the board game. They are fighting the ascension and crystallization of human DNA. They do this by lying to you, primarily, trying to hold the negative energies upon earth, because that was what the humans were doing – they were the holders of negative energies. And they create this state within you by toxifying what you consume, and your minds with television.
Me: Yes. Something I’m going to be addressing this month. Detoxifying my body because my hair is falling out in clumps now. That’s a thyroid issue.
Ashtar: They have worked hard to create toxic humans on earth; that is the level they prefer your bodies to be at, as that is most inhabitable for them. And by keeping you down, they believe they would have stopped the ascension process, and you realize for yourself, as toxified as your body is, you are still ascending. They can’t stop this from happening.
So they do have a last resort to draw upon – and that is to try to use the Event against humanity, by slowing down your progress and ensuring that when the final blast of photon light arrives on earth that it kills you off rather than frees you.
Yes, they are like that.
Me: I hate a sore loser.
Ashtar: LOL Yes, they believe themselves to be a match for God, and of course this is far from the case. They believe they are very powerful but this is self delusion.
Me: So we’re seeing changes in the U.S. now with Mr T taking office in Florida and WiFi and blackouts occurring along the eastern seaboard.
Ashtar: The Storm, yes. The Alliance are carrying out their plans.
Me: What about the dirty bombs?
Ashtar: We’re working with the Alliance to prohibit any misuse of nuclear technology. It’s possible you may see occupation of nuclear power plants by the military or having these plants shut down and safety locked as well. We have to be on the alert for any espionage, and particularly for backlash against any move we should make.
They continue to try to create fear but this isn’t working either for many of you. You’re not fearing; you’re secure in what’s happening because you’ve been prepared for it beforehand.
Those, like yourself, who don’t believe in the system are simply above it, Sharon. They’re ready for something better because they are alien consciousness in a human body. So they will create what needs to be created for themselves to thrive and to show the rest of humanity what in fact they will need to do to truly be free.
As for the inoculations that are being released, understand that they indeed do cut the human off from their energetic soul connection. It is about lowering your energy level so that, again, ascension isn’t possible and to take this inoculation will mean that you will be a victim of their system for the rest of your life. And it will mean that outside intervention will be necessary, and we do have permission to intervene on your behalf, only for the fact that your free will has been taken away from you. This inoculation is the last straw, so to speak. This last removal of your free will, should you survive it, will put you squarely in our hands for rescue. Many are dying of this inoculation, and there is a reason for that, of course, and that is because their life energy has been denied them. The soul sometimes will vacate the body in these cases as they will release themselves back to the ethers rather than be overtaken by negative entities. So death is a release for the soul from further struggle and imprisonment.
Me: Geez! Unreal!
Ashtar: It’s war, Sharon. A dirty war. There are no rules in this war. We had created treaties with the dark ones that to date may or may not have been upheld on their side, but now as we remove them from earth, all bets are off. The Light has won. What is being played out now is only a movie of what has already transpired in higher dimensions. You are experiencing this movie in your third, fourth and even fifth dimensions, and it is simply a choice of how much you wish to experience of the movie. You can sit back and realize that all is well, or you can become involved in the fear, it’s your choice. And all of it is a lesson. Where you haven’t prepared yourself, you’re now fated to experiencing as the rest of humanity on earth will.
Me: So in the case of these third dimensionals who naively get an inoculation and are cut off from soul, how can you rescue them?
Ashtar: In the future, there will be timelines of these people who will be at the mercy of the deep state. Yes, understand that timelines are different. On some timelines, the deep state is all but done with, in other timelines they have more control. In these extremely low frequency timelines where they have won control over the human population, our physical intervention will be necessary to free these souls.
Me: So that could even be something like killing everyone on that timeline so that the dark ones don’t go any further and the light souls can be released to reincarnate again in a world where their free will will be supported.
Ashtar: As an example, yes. They say the Armageddon timeline has died but in fact if you continue to create it, it will necessitate such a remedy. Remember that death is the release of the soul back to God, not condemnation of the person who died.
Me: Thank you, Ashtar. I know I’m going to catch it for channeling demonics who disguise themselves as you. Those who don’t understand what you just said will condemn us and condemn me for channeling a false Ashtar.
Ashtar: I see. Perhaps when they see me standing before them on the television screen, they’ll understand that it was me you were channeling all along. Chin up, Sharon.
Me: Always. I think there’s mind control to turn people against you and anyone that channels you, to be honest.
Ashtar: There is. So many feel that you are channeling a false god. That is because of themselves; I am your truth, Sharon.
Me: I know. Everyone’s an Ashtar expert except the people who channel him apparently.
Ashtar: I bid you adieu. Adonai.