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We are soon celebrating our 10th anniversary since this website got created.There are hundreds if not thousands of you visiting this website on a daily basis, it is a huge library for Humanity’s Ascension Journey that anyone can visit for free when looking for such material.During all these years the website has been funded by me and at this time space reality since more of you begin to awaken it is time to ask for a contribution -generous or not or just your love if you don’t have the financial means- as we need to pay for the hosting and administration costs to get this going by end of this month.

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REMINDER:When you give to our cause please remember to say these words out loud :’‘All The money that i give is blessed and comes back to me multiplied”x 3 and truly feel gratitude for our service for the highest good for all life.Then witness an opening in your heart and watch for signs of abundance and prosperity coming to you in magical ways,i promise and know this from The God of my Being.

Feel More Than Fine Always From Within Out.