You will walk on the waves and command the storms, and they will obey you.

Your New Day is Here!

The Father says, “You are making it through. Walls that prevented you are crumbling. Gates and bars locking you in are opening of their own accord before you. You may not feel like things are turning around, but they are.

“Open your eyes to see in the Spirit what I have to show you. The problems and challenges are fading. Outright confrontation against you now turns back as the enemy retreats in full force. You are not outnumbered. More are they that are with you than they that are against you.

“Supply is there, right where you need it. The substance of your faith now becomes manifest reality. Debt is being canceled and dissolved. New opportunities are freeing up. You will walk on the waves and command the storms, and they will obey you. I promised, and I have delivered even this day according to the cry of your heart. Move expectantly. Decree boldly. This is your turnaround time. This is your new day. This is THAT!”

You Are Rising!

The Lord says, “The cracked, dry earth of yesterday’s probabilities are becoming today’s manifest anticipation. Old habits are dying. New disciplines are reshaping your character. Those around you will take knowledge of you that you have been in My presence. Weakness is dissipating, and the power that I released on Pentecost is filling you and flooding you with grace.

“Miracles are now your new norm. Answered prayer – radically answered prayer will become customary as you live a supernaturally natural life. Even in this, you will sense the deeps opening up as you come to a new understanding and a level of intimacy with Me that you never thought was possible.

“The mundane and earthly are not swallowing you up, beloved. You are arising in the Daystar of My promise to new heights and yes, even achievements beyond all you could have dreamed.

“Now,” God says, “press into this word and make it your own. Ask yourself what is your point of contact with this prophecy over your life? Every word from Heaven comes to pass and manifests in your life as you engage with it by acts of faith and anticipation.”