You are much more powerful than any planetary phenomenon and when you go within nothing can affect your vibration and being.

Hello,these past days i have been witnessing extreme energies touching everything around me and for those who are not doing any meditative work on them self it has been very hard indeed.These are the moments that we need to keep our vibration high enough and not identify with what we see,proceed in F.E.A.R mode :Face Evidence And Rise. And so today i am going to share my experience with you:Feeling the energies getting stronger especially with the Full Moon Eclipse tomorrow,i felt it is time to isolate myself,find Mother’s Love within,you know this warm feeling of Peace and Serenity where you become aware that All Is One and That We Are The Creators of Our Reality.And so i took my bike and went for a 4 hour cycling in nature and meditation.The fresh air in my lungs and the prolonged exercise helped me raise my vibration to a much higher level than usually.On the way back,it started to rain.It was this beautiful warm rain,very refreshing for the local temperatures now in North of Greece.And so,at some point being completely wet,i made a stop under a tree to dry myself and i sat there for a while just watching the empty space between the trees.It felt like a deja vu.I felt like being in the past in the period of Roman Empire.The rain,the smell of it and of the trees,the purity of the air and some memory from most probably past life coming through.These kind of Deja Vu,keep on coming also in my dream states,sometimes it is more futuristic,more playful,more fun and sometimes more dramatic.And so what i always do,when i feel that there is a drama being played out i call upon the Angels and Archangels ,especially AA Michael with his blue sword and i blaze the violet fire of Saint Germain to release once and for all memories or experiences in daily life that no longer serve me.I see the whole space where i am staying being into violet and blue fire,keeping away all negative energies once and for all.I hope this sharing helps you a little more to keep your vibration high tomorrow and in August as we enter The Lion’s Gate and many meteorites rains are taking place that are really affecting greatly our consciousness.And all this can be received in fun way,just like i do with ease and grace or more in a dramatic way just i observe many around me.Do not participate in their dramas.Be a Beacon of Light and just send them Love and Violet Fire.That is truly being in service for The Highest Good for all.And always keep in mind that You are much more powerful than any planetary phenomenon and when you go within nothing can affect your vibration and being.

Love,Light and Blessings,