You are in the throes of accelerated unfoldment.

December 23, 2021,

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ The Times You’ve Waited For

Dear Ones,

You are in the throes of accelerated unfoldment. You have been for the past two years. While sometimes it may feel uncomfortably intense, and other times uncomfortably slow, it is, indeed, leading you somewhere better. Trust the process.

Trust the guidance of your soul. Trust in your own ability to move with the energies and to get where you need to be. Trust that the flow can only serve you and that its specialty is divine timing and support. As you move into the energies of 2022, you will be stepping up onto a higher platform which will allow you to see further ahead of you.

woman in blue and white floral long sleeve shirt holding a round shaped puzzle
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Pieces of the puzzle will start to drop in. The scaffolding that kept the old in place is falling away, being replaced by updated grids and templates that support the new earth. You will start to feel the expansiveness that comes from integrated healing and the release of the old. You will start to feel the excitement that comes from landing in a new place that you have yet to explore.

These are indeed the times you had hoped and prayed for and wanted to come onto the planet to experience. Your work has been consistent and powerful and transformative. Look to the future and allow the fruits of your labour to show as you shift into allowing your beingness to lead the way.