Why is the financial reset taking so long?Ivo: Because your people do not accept this news. They want to go back to work and recharge the globalist wallet…we must have a minimum of 60 percent to agree to the new system. Please continue to get the news out there.-Ivo & Sharron-

Attacks are done to create doubt

Me: Ivo, can you explain this please?
Ivo: My love, do not worry. Your internet will go down at some point in the future and all platforms that are supporting the cabal will be taken down. It would be best to put links to your videos on your website; that way people can always view them there.
Me: Do you know how much work that will entail?
Ivo: I know, my love, but start where you are.
Me: Is this the ten days of darkness everyone is talking about?
Ivo: No. It is part of it. These ten days of darkness will occur with the financial reset. When the stock market crashes, the cabal will have lost all its power and then your world can move into the financial reset and with that, we will eradicate all other negative factions from your planet.
You see now that all the globalists and their cohorts are being arrested and some have been eliminated already? Yes.
Me: Yes.
Ivo: There are so many of them. This is the only problem. Your saving grace is that they cannot get along, and that is what has kept them from totally dominating your world already. They are not capable of cooperation. They have the wrong intentions so they cannot reach that frequency. Cooperation is an act of love, and certainly one of wisdom. Cooperation is part of Unity and these are not unity-minded beings, they are of separation and division themselves, which reflects in your world as well.
Me: Why is the financial reset taking so long?
Ivo: Because your people do not accept this news. They want to go back to work and recharge the globalist wallet. We do not want that either. At any time when a quorum consent to the truth, we can reset the economy. It is that your people must support any changes made on planet Earth. If they still want the old system back, they are resisting the truth and our work. So we must have a minimum of 60 percent to agree to the new system. Please continue to get the news out there.
Me: Hence the censorship we’re experiencing. The more of us they can cut off, the better the chance they feel they have to keep people in the dark.
Ivo: They are also actively using their media to influence the people.
Me: Yes, I saw Ellen gave a family I keep watching on youtube who play songs, 20 thousand dollars. I’m sure that will keep the people thinking she’s so nice rather than acknowledging the fact she’s under house arrest.
Ivo: These are manipulations. They are dirty tricks.
Me: On that note, why don’t we discuss attacks? What are they?
Ivo: They are forms of psychic attack. Although they are performed at the mental and emotional levels.
The reason one person will attack another is not really personal – it is because the one being attacked is of higher vibrational frequency and the one attacking is of lower frequency and desires to have loosh. The aim is to create doubt, fear, shame or guilt within the person being attacked in order to connect with them – your reaction is the vampire’s connection; that way they can receive your energies themselves, and then have them taken in turn as loosh. People of lower frequency attack because they are of lower frequency. People of higher frequency do not attack – they are more secure within themselves and are more capable of maintaining a higher frequency.
Me: I love seeing conversations where someone is attacking someone else and the attacked person just drops the ball. I always do that as well. Never fight back. Never. You’re just charging your energy negatively and feeding it to dark entities.
Ivo: Correct. It is again, impersonal. This is one more way you can look at life impersonally, as El Morya has been explaining. Life is energy and if you have a higher amount, someone will want to steal it. As you are very familiar, life is a series of personal attacks. Your people live that way and they do it to feed the unseen beings who profit from your misery. The higher your Light, the more you get attacked. The trick is to see less obvious attacks and this means anyone who is not respecting your free will is an attacker. That is why you insist on having your free will respected, my love.
Me: True. But that means people have to understand and live by universal law and most do exactly the opposite here. So I have to forgive constantly. I find to hold a higher frequency, it’s best if I spend time alone. That way I work on my spiritual level and learn how to use my energy to help the world in a way that’s asked of me, not in having it stolen. I can already speak to God. Next is a question of taking direction from Him to see what he wants done on this planet. I can’t do that when my energy is constantly being stolen from me and my vibe lowered.
I found I attracted a lot of craziness from other people and this had to do with their lower frequency. They wanted to stay alive, so they tried to vampire my energy. I was subjected to a lot of obsessed people, people with problems who just dumped them on my doorstep, thinking I could fix them, men who were low vibrationals looking for sex, when I temped I was sent to work with the angriest bosses, you name it, I experienced it. And they still couldn’t keep me down. The dark has to figure out what they’re doing isn’t working.
Ivo: If you have more money in your bank account, someone will want to steal it. So you have to be aware and protect yourself as necessary with passwords and such. This is the same thing. Awareness and protection is key.
Me: Is there any other reason that someone might attack you?
Ivo: There is none. There is no reason why someone who disagrees with you might just shrug their shoulders and allow you to have your own opinion. There is no reason why someone who is debating with you would not debate in a friendly manner, not with the intention of attacking you, but with the intention of helping you to see where they are coming from.
It is that there is an attack and this is an aggressive response. When this occurs, understand they are after your energy.
Me: What about the lightworker who is trying to red pill someone who’s asleep?
Ivo: When you attack others, you create doubt in them – you are lowering their vibration and taking them out of the place of certainty they were in. Some people respond to this doubt by believing you, others respond to this doubt by digging their heals in even further and perhaps attacking you back. So your tactic of attacking the non-believers may backfire on you.
Me: Red pilling almost got me rear ended the other day when I stopped for the red light. I have signs and stickers all over the back of my car about the new world order and I’ve seen 3 people reading them in just the last couple days. I’m going to get a bigger sticker of my website so people can see it from farther away because I just learned people can’t remember “your underground news” and will text it while they’re driving, which almost got me rear ended. My other option was to run the red light but there were cars there.
Ivo: But people see it. You are inviting them to explore the doubts they already have, and in so doing, you are opening the door for them to change their mind and to save face while doing so. You are doing it in such a way that allows their ego to remain prideful. This is a good approach.
Me: They do. I’ll do anything to let people see for themselves. I don’t tend to try to convert the nonconvertible. If they’re not on, they’re not on. I’m not going to start arguing with them.
Ivo: So, on your social media there are trolls around whose primary job it is to attack others and create division and separation, because this is what attacks create within your society. You see that the demand for loosh by unseen negative parasites you support create the rules of engagement for your society. People must argue and attack each other and call each other stupid and such, because these entities need their food. And this requirement of theirs creates the conditions you live under and call normal. They are not normal, certainly not for a human.
The work of the violet flame, and the Indigo more specifically, renders their influence null and void. They cannot fight with the Indigo who is aware because the Indigo will transmute their negativity and starve them of their food.
Me: Aha!
Ivo: But the Indigo must be aware of all of this, that they have the power to render those who create the fabric of your society useless.
Me: Yes. All of us do but the Indigo was specially brought here for that purpose. And you can be an Indigo soul or an Indigo personality. I’m an indigo personality but I still work with St Germain, Archangel Zadkiel and his angels.
Ivo: Repeating decrees makes you stronger in your violet flame and your work more effective. They can be found on youtube.
Me: Yeah, for now. LOL
Ivo: Thank you, my love.
Me: Thank you Ivo.