Why i don’t drink the toxin that kills cells called alcohol.

A few years ago when i used to dance,dj or party in clubs i was always having some alcohol in small doses believing everything i was told ,like for exemple that wine is beneficial to my general well being.

Till i had few ‘accidents’,like for exemple having sex with a girl that i couldn’t understand why i find  in the same bed next morning ,not to mention the big headaches ,the overall depleting of energy in my body,mind,spirit complex and the dramas following with my sex partner.

Take a look at this article back from 2011:

There is no such thing as a safe level of alcohol consumption.


And i want to add that alcohol is not only bad for our physical body,for lowing our vibration and making our immune system very weak,one drop of alcohol is enough to stop the connection with our soul which in turn disconnects us with our higher self.

This has as a result to manifest things we don’t want in our lives.Very simple to verify that,look the chaos around us and you know what i mean.



Feel More Than Fine

Nikos Akrivos