Wherever We Are As A Light Worker It Is A Powerful Spot – Prime Creator

Warming Up Our Hearts in company of Prime Creator.

Quick notes:

1.Wherever we are as a Light Worker it is a powerful spot.As we travel these energies go with us activating Gaia and The People around us.

2.Understandig the desire of Gaia of the collaboration of all Beings living on her surface to assist her in the process.

3.The Sun is a Beautiful Light Being containing great energies of power,compassion and light much more than we can imagine.

4. New ”Matrix” carefully executed that supports All That Is is being created by our work as Light workers and it the one that will thrive towards exponential expansion.Teleportation(= Dematerialization and Dematerialisation) and Telekinesis to experience increased ease and prosperity,the freedom we have longed for.

5.Creation of New Light Matrix by The Light Workers to move in and out.

6.Does Prime Creator feel emotion?

7.Integrated Ego is assisting in navigating.How we can strengthen it.

8.Love Everyone Unconditionally.Love is all that is

9.Difference between soul and I Am presence:Soul is,Soul is,Soul is.I Am presence is an aspect of the soul more fluid than the soul changing and adapting

10.Light/Etheric Body,Astral Body

11.Conscious Creation.

12.The Rising Up of the New Paradigm.Trusting Our Creations and what we are setting forth as more Energies reaching Gaia.Being Gentle with Ourself,releasing to experience Heaven on Earth.