Whatever it is which stirs your soul – just go and do it, be it and become it.

We are a moment of deep respite from the intensity of Cosmic Energy pouring in as now need to assimilate what came in such powerful waves upon in the last few weeks.  Indeed we are being given time to catch our breath before the next massive waves are upon us.

This is a time to simply allow yourself to take very deep breaths and to truly just learn to be.

I was watching a flock of birds the other day, and they were just enjoying themselves, flying up and down and in circles and indeed, they were having a ball!  I would have loved to join them in their frolicking dance –  joyful, graceful and beautiful!

Birds are messengers and when we are open to their messages, we find moments of inspiration, beyond anything we ever expected.  Even the songs the birds sing, have hidden messages, which only those who are tuned in will be interpret and indeed understand.

So often we forget to just dance, for the sheer joy of dancing, to allow ourselves to find joy in little things, and indeed to see and sense the exquisite beauty of Mother Earth all around us. 

To find time to listen to beautiful and uplifting music, to go and do what you have always wanted to do and has been on your Bucket list for some time. 

Whatever it is which stirs your soul – just go and do it, be it and become it.

More than this, to seek the sacred sanctuaries in the innermost heart of your soul, where you can become AS ONE with the Divine.  To me these moments are sacred and holy, and indeed filled with awe and wonder, as I experience Omnipresence, which indeed goes beyond words.

Indeed, just take time to breathe, to light up, to love, to sow seeds of inspiration, love and joy, wherever you go and radiate it out.

Judith Kusel