What the Matrix Really Is -Sananda via His Twin Flamme Kathryn.

Another Awesome Message from our Brother Sananda (Jesus) transcribed via his twin flamme Kathryn.

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Let us talk about something new, since we are now beginning our new lives together.  You see, we are already taking our places in the new reality you have created on Earth, even while we are still here in higher dimensions.  Your increased vibration, and the rising Light on the planet make it easier and easier for us to reach across the dimensions to touch your face, to send a trill down your spine to tell you we are here with you.  The boundaries are dropping away; the clouds of dark energy that used to make it murky on your surface are being transmuted and dissolved by the Lightworkers on the Transmuting teams.  We could not be more excited and delighted to see what progress you have made on your side of this Great Project.
You Are Clearing the Way
Do you remember the scenes in the movie Interstellar where the dust cloud became so thick no one could see through it?  It has been like that on Earth, from our perspective.  It also made it very difficult for our Galactic ships to come close to Earth.  Our ships vibrate at a very high frequency, so it was normally too great a descent for them to come down into the lower 3rd dimension.  It was dangerous for them, and it would have been dangerous to anyone on the ground who came too close to the great power source that surrounds even our small scout ships.  Now the conditions are changing.  Not only will we soon be assured by your world leaders that our ships will not be attacked, but the conditions are improving, in terms of the level of frequency on the surface.
The rising vibrations are a great blessing for us, the Mentors, who wish to come to your Earth to meet with you and open the dialogue about your intriguing history.  It would have been far too difficult for us to make the transition to such a low vibration, but it would also have been too difficult for you to make your own Ascensions from such a low starting point.
Those of us who have raised ourselves into higher dimensions with our bodies have accomplished it under very different conditions.  The energetic layer surrounding the Earth was less dangerous until about 60 years ago.  Recently, no one has been able to raise their bodies through the swirling darkness of clashing energies of rage, hostility, revenge, depression and conflict, along with fairly dense levels of radioactivity and other interferences that can damage both body and soul.  This is one of the reasons we have asked our beloved family on the ground to remain, even though they were at least as prepared as we were when we accomplished our ascensions.
As a side note, in case you were concerned for your loved ones who are transitioning in these days, I want to reassure you that these conditions are not a problem for those who are making their ascension by leaving the body.  This was their contract and their plan, and all is well.  The portals to higher dimensions are always open, and the legions of angels accompanying them is as joyful as ever.  Not everyone needs or wants to raise their bodies, as they called my Resurrection during the Jesus lifetime.  We will talk more in future messages about the current reasons for wanting to have the option to return to Earth without having to incarnate as an infant.  It is a good topic for another discussion.
What the Matrix Really Is
For now, let us gaze upon our beautiful Earth, or as some call her, Gaia.  Your beloved planet really has been the battleground between those who built and defended the Matrix – the illusion of darkness that has gripped the imaginations of humankind on Earth for more than 13 millennia – and the Lightworkers, or as we are sometimes called, the Warriors of the Light.  Now we wish to de-militarize the language and the discussion about what we are doing.  We are not going to “defeat” the dark ones.  We are going to refuse to give energy to dark thoughts and ideas.  This technique has the effect of “water on the witch,” as Dorothy discovered in the Wizard of Oz.
Let me try to paint the picture for you of how we see the Matrix, the dark energies that support it, how it came to be, and how it will end.
You are familiar with the concept of a labyrinth.  It is a constructed environment that is deliberately confusing, disorienting and nearly impossible to navigate unless you discover or are given the key to finding the way through it to the other side, which symbolizes freedom.  Now let me introduce another parallel concept that I will borrow from Kathryn’s psychology studies.  There is a dynamic in families in which the parents may deliberately confuse, punish and belittle a child, making the child feel that there is no way he or she can ever please the parents, and their attitudes and feelings seem to change so unpredictably that he cannot “get his head around it.”  The child will also feel in great danger because he is powerless to change the outcome.  This dynamic has been called “schizophrenogenic.”  Literally, crazy-making.
In the Matrix, the game is rigged.  Only those who designed it know the key to navigating it successfully, and they only share this privileged information and all the supposedly enormous benefits that go with it with their very small inner circle. They may create games such as the labyrinth to tantalize their captives into thinking they can outsmart the designer or even outrun the pack of their fellows (as in the Hunger Games), but the rules are set: no one outside the ruling class, which remains completely hidden from view, will ever make the transition from slave or minion into the ruling class.  Everything to the contrary is just trappings.  Self-appointed Kings and Queens, moguls and pop stars may have their moment in the arena, but they do not hold the real power.
This, my dear Brothers and Sisters, has been the state of affairs on Earth.  The physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual environment has been mind-boggling, life-threatening, and deliberately designed to leave the participants in the “game of LIfe” feeling as if they are swimming upstream, giving their best effort to just stay even, rather than prosper and find joy in their lives.
This gives just a hint of the intricate and diabolical master-plan that was designed and implemented long ago by the Anunnaki, and carried forward by Reptilian and then human minions.  It was specifically meant to create a small, wealthy and powerful ruling class who would rule over slaves – either abominations created in a laboratory, or humans who had been so thoroughly debased and damaged that they no longer experienced themselves as human, a soul, or connected to God.
We knew this before we incarnated here, but we truly believed we could follow our hearts, and that would make it possible for us to remember once we were here that to break the code is to remain connected to Mother and Father, to raise ourselves up rather than compete for the scraps or covet the trappings of our Overlords.  It has been a difficult challenge.  We were blinded by the smoke and mirrors. Lifetime after lifetime, we struggled to remain true to our hearts.  We knew when we planned these incarnations on Earth that we would face the darkness, and we knew it was tantalizing, hypnotic, and often overwhelming, given our limited consciousness behind the Veil.
The greatest dilemma of all became apparent early on.  By incarnating on a planet where the selfish, cruel and murderous Overlords held all the cards, we would have to create a tremendous energetic shift in our own collective consciousness in order to flood the world with enough Light to illuminate the delusions, and free humankind from the psychological grip of the compounded lies and deceptions of the Matrix construct.  It would require a sudden upshift, a shared revelation of great energetic power, like a great wave that could wash the world in Light and reveal the fragile false facade, the flimsy movie set world where humankind was walking without seeing, striving without fulfillment, and believing a web of lies that had been built, through clever propaganda and intricate weaving of fantasy and sensation, to create a “world” that is not real.
This is our great moment, NOW.  With the help of Mother and Father God, we have created that great upshift.  The plans for our freedom are more intricate and grand than any Matrix side-show.  It has taken thousands of years of planning and gradual growth for us to put in place the solid and reliable structure that will support Life in the Light of God’s great plan for our happiness.  It is a simple and direct program of change that will raise all to higher levels of consciousness, little by little, hand in hand.
You see, once we reach critical mass, the tipping point, we can simply dismantle the systems and structures that kept the delusions alive in our minds.  When enough enslaved humans awaken to see that they are the majority, and that their Overlords cannot maintain their power without the agreement of all who are “subjects,” the old systems will crumble into dust.  Revolutions have been won on Earth, only to have the rebels recreate the patterns of abuse they fought against in the first place, and so the underbelly of the Matix was unwittingly recreated, over and over.  We must rise above those temptations this time.  We are ready, and our numbers grow every day.
A rebellion like those of old is replaying now in the United States, where the populace is being asked to decide what level of arrogance, meanness and buffoonery they will tolerate before they finally glimpse the shoddy truth behind the mask of chest-thumping theatrical outrage: It is a tired replay of the rage, hatred, racism and petty superiority that feeds the delusions that feed the ego that believes the delusions.  We have all been caught up in these sad “Incarnation Games.”  Where will we take it from here?
We Are a Heavenly Team, Above and Below
You will notice that I say “we,” and I am speaking for the Company of Heaven when I include all of us who have overseen and monitored this Earth Project, for we have all played both parts – the incarnates and the spiritual guides who stayed in higher dimensions to hold on to our beloved ones as they braved the turmoil on Surface Earth.  Neither role is easy, I can assure you, but being the one to incarnate requires real courage and grit.  On the Spirit side of the Veil, we have the great advantage of being with Mother and Father God, steeped in their great Love, and we have the constant support and Love of our Brothers and Sisters of the Light.
For us there is no intrigue, no struggle, no physical pain, but that does not mean that our hearts are not breaking when we see our loved ones in pain.  We feel our love, deep connection and loyalty just as you do, but with greater clarity because we have clear memories of our eons together, planning and working to achieve our shared goals.
Are you beginning to see the picture I am showing to you?  You are the husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers we know and remember.  We are working together on this, Dearly Beloved Ones.  We have all shared the challenges and the delights of incarnating in a human body of Earth origins, and it is the most exquisitely delightful, and for many millennia, the most difficult of incarnations.
We honor you for your willingness to come during this time, to take the “night shift” at the most challenging and thrilling time in Earth’s history.  Now, the first rays of dawn are breaking.  We are the family and friends who await you at the finish line of this historic marathon, and we are ready with the confetti and streamers, sparkling champagne showers and brass band serenades.  All the Multiverse will celebrate your inspired sprint across the finish line.  This is the unique human ability that is admired throughout the cosmos – the inner strength that inspires you to draw on more than your last reserves, to suddenly and brilliantly outdo yourself when you thought you were exhausted, to push through with joy and laughter in the moment when it really matters.
You Are Synergy, and You Are Beautiful
With every small triumph, every step you take in joy and celebration, you are lifting yourself and all around you.  You are Synergy, and you are beautiful.  The more you focus your sweet life force on our shared Vision, the more it changes the energy in your environment, clearing away the storm of dark energies.  The more you reach out to us, the wider and stronger our Rainbow Bridge grows.  Every thought, every gesture, every feeling is now important.  As the group consciousness rises and Mother and Father’s Light sweeps across the surface, the more we are lifting the entire population.
Yes, there is a last-ditch backlash from the ones who would try to sustain the Matrix in all its hideous practices and sugar-coated temptations.  We have worked with you for many months now to remind you of your penetrating intuition, your deeply loving hearts, and the fact that we are well on our way to making the monumental shift that will carry this train to glory, as the song goes.  (By the way, the toe-tapping song “This Train Is Bound for Glory” is one of Mother’s current favorite Earth songs. She laughs and emanates sparks of joy, and wants all of us to join in.)
There is no need to break the code or figure out the secret to the Matrix.  The answer is so simple it is hiding in plain sight.  It is Love, and that Love is Us.  Our steadfast refusal to believe that darkness is real will carry the day.  Our Vision is already forming before our eyes, with the hands-on assistance of millions of Lightworkers who have worked for years to create the new structures for NESARA, GESARA and all the accompanying triumphs of liberty, abundance and peace. Your bright energies are flowing together in a river of golden Light, joining with the Loving energies of Mother and Father and the Company of Heaven, as we match your every incremental rise.  I raise you, as you raise me; you carry your brother, and your brother begins to smile and reaches out to carry a child.  Together, we are the Ascension of Planet Earth.
This is the way we are doing it, and this is the way we will transcend every temporary bump in the road – together.  Hallelujah, Brothers and Sisters, hallelujah.
I am your Sananda, in service to the Ascension of Planet Earth.
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, January 19, 2016