What Is Ascension – Gabriel Raphael

Dear ones,I want to clear something about Ascension:It is NOT the fact of meeting with our galactic brothers and sisters after the landings happen.This is rather one of the joys awaiting  those who  do their work to stay in High Frequencies WITHIN their being which results in  being able to see the ships that vibrate in very high frequencies.When we are in High Frequencies everything that comes close to us becomes too as states the resonance law in physics:the lower frequency will always meet the higher frequency.I dreamed about one of those ships last night meeting with the captain of it which was a pretty bearded beautiful man radiating unconditional love and explaining with a big smile how to grow seeds aboard his ship.Some of us are able to dream about it and others  are able to communicate telepathically with them being able to channel messages benefiting those who are attracting such information whenever asking the right question to themselves.To ask the right question to ourself there is one thing that works best :To Pray and Meditate and then do some Google or Youtube research as Internet is a great conductor of energies.By praying i don’t mean to just say a prayer we learned when we were a child but rather being in a state of feeling grateful and in peace for what is while asking our Angels to guide us through  and being alert of the message we receive,this inner voice that we need to start to trust.Ascension we feel it within,sometimes it feels like we are getting sick which is definitely not the case.When this happens ,it is a message that we need to relax,have a nap and give our body enough rest to be able to process the huge amount of light passing through.Ascension is a question about how much light we can house in our body.We tend also to need less food and fasting regularly even for few hours or half a day is a good way to become aware of the energies.I personally like to go to bed early,latest at 22h then waking up around 03-04 o’clock and doing my one hour meditation.I almost never skip this one ,unless i feel really tired, it gives me a lot of balance in my manifestations.This meditation includes a reiki cleansing i do on myself,an energetic shower to purify myself.Clear ideas come then,i can remember and write down my dreams ,create music or write a blog as i am doing right now.When i start feeling tired,i go back to bed and then i tend to have the most amazing lucid dream experiences.Keeping a window open to let fresh air come through is equally important as much as hydrating ourself and staying grounded with Mother Earth (walking barefoot/ taking of our shoes while meditating/dancing/practising yoga in nature).

As Father Mother God recently said:Do Everything You Can to Remain on High Frequency .To Be Joyful which i express by saying Feel More Than Fine!

Eating High Vibrational Foods like for example Raw Vegan / Alcaline   Kitchen helps to raise our frequency too.



Here is a blog i share  about  Self Cleaning Energies Technique and Grounding/Centering

Self Cleaning Energies/Centering/Grounding

We Are One.


Gabriel Raphael aka Nikos Akrivos

Holistic Life Coach and Musician