What is all the fuss about? The Galactic Federation of Light through Nikos

It is all about your Ascension as a specie , as humanity, as one race (IAM Race is the annagram of America) as Earth, as individuals and as a collective to be part of wider society and of a much wider family that is eagerly anticipating to wintess this taking place and assisting you by all means to make a tangible reality an event that happens for the first time in your history as humanity. You, as one race are here to show what is possible to do with Ascension as Love and Light being victorious within your physical bodies. You are made of the good stuff, as our brother Sananda Jeshua Christ likes to say and we are witnessing that you are succesfuly becoming The Christs, Buddhas and Krishnas that you came here to be, radiating your Light in through and around yourselves and all life, accomplishing your missions with ease, grace and flow in reaching a frequency that pushes you faster and faster towards your new lives in The Golden Age of Aquarius. You are doing extremely well! Keep pushing on, things are getting better, keep pushing on, things are getting better, all is well and it is going to be alright! You are loved , you are worthy and WE are ONE, there is no separation. Find us in the depth of your beings, listen to your hearts in complete silence and speak to us, loudly or telepathicaly, we are always replying to you and the first answer we give is always the good answer and you are able to know that because simply it feels good. The answer that feels good is the one to follow and when it feels good it feels GOD. The path of least resistance is the path of the soul, you may agree or disagree at will with that last statement, you are loved at all times. Celebrate often as when celebration there is no time to worry. Celebrate in silence and gather with your sisters and brothers on Earth in meditation , in cocreation, in collaboration for the Highest Good For All. And once this done, you can also celebrate and dance with music. True joy comes from within. You are that joy and the more you know it, the more you radiate it. You are the party and party is within you. You are loved and you are magnificent. If only you could see your Rainbow Lights as how we see it, you will become more aware of your power. And you have your feeling and the feeling is guiding you, trust your feeling and with faith only more joy awaits you every time you choose to go within and radiate out your Light for all your sisters and brothers to become aware of this truth and of their power. We love you.

We are The Galactic Federation of Light.