Well,HO HO HO Surprise Surprise!

When i hear AA Michael saying that I created all my experiences in life and all my life, the truth is that there have been many moments that i had difficulties in understanding why did i create this or that experience.And this is not from a point of view of my terrestrial choices rather a point of view before i incarnate in my current physical body.I understand that many so called negative experiences in my life have been the result of a kind of karmic debt to be instantly paid off ,sometimes in the speed of a boomerang ,for the choices i made living my 3D reality of SEPARATION from Source God within:Prayer was coming from a place of begging instead of already being thankful for all i have in my life.I thought that i need to go to church in order to connect with God and i thought that i need to do good at all costs, including neglecting myself 100% for the benefit of others, giving away all financial means and all my love to partners, family and friends.Needless to say that because of this attitude i found myself in situations of poverty, even if that wasn’t needed when somebody looks at the family where i was born too:a hard working family of 2 parents with 2 kids, that gave the best they can and have to their kids in their own understanding of doing good. This came to be from the moment i started doing my inner work to reconnect with my soul:while from one side, i am experiencing a deep feeling of love emanating from within that i don’t yet qualify as such in the early stages, i am becoming witness of a reality that it is not what i thought it was, the more i love myself, the harder the lessons and the harder the lessons the more i am asking myself and God(still from a separation place) is there any end in this?and then after realising with a great deal of struggling all things i want to experience in my 3D world, one day i come to understand deeper the importance of daily practise called meditation.Prayer has always been in the menu since i was a child:i couldn’t go to bed in i wouldn’t first say ‘Our Father’ prayer and also ask for peace and love on the planet , my own little prayer that i could understand saying it in my own simple words.Meditation for me has been for the over 16 years of my life now, first years sporadically then daily ,a journey to realising the unlimited mighty power that Love and Light truly is.And not just that, in this life time you and me are experiencing Ascension while remaining in our physical bodies and this just by itself is already a reason to celebrate at all times.And so while now, because of immediate effects of the accelerated evolution of my body mind spirit complex through the Tsunami of Love inundating all Life and my willingness to be the open cup to receive this love for the highest good for all, one can expect to have feelings of joy emanating from within at all times, especially when one dedicates all ‘nows’ constantly remaining observer of ‘How do I Feel?’ ,’Do I Feel Good?’ ,’Do I Feel More Than Fine?’. Well,HO HO HO surprise surprise!!!The first 6 months of 2019 have been for me, a deep cleansing of memories of past lives:while i am constantly making the effort, participating in global meditations daily and doing my inner works , a lot of pain and suffering comes to the surface to be released and i witness it both in my inner and outer world.Then now, after reaching a place of totally feeling one with Source, One with My God within(which is One and the same for all Life:I Am Presence) and starting to become witness of small and bigger miracles unfolding now from a place of NO SEPARATION while learning to live a 5D life , one again can expect to be in the bliss and peace and love and joy at all times. ‘Well ,cut II,HO HO HO surprise surprise!’ a pain is present so deeply felt that it is impossibly to ignore it and play games or do something pleasant that will make me feel more than fine.This pain is asking for my attention, even though i am doing my meditations and inner work, this pain is still present and it is not willing to go away for almost 2 days.Of course Abraham Hicks would say that this is because i am not aligned with source within and my feeling is a great indicator that i need to reconnect and shift my attention in something pleasant and while i do my best to do that, creating music or projects or making some great raw vegan recipe, deliberate creation, anything that i know gives me joy, nothing nothing nothing makes this pain go away.I do not say that Abraham is wrong here, she is super on spot ,just that in my case what saved the situation is the deep understanding that the pain i feel is not my pain but the pain of the collective.And while i am aware of that, i forgot to do one simply thing:Ask during my meditation The Creator, Mother Father God to take this pain away. And so i want to say a big thank you to Natalie and a big thank you to Sananda aka Master Jesus for this reminder here this past weekend. Now, i am back into Feeling Good .The effect was immediate after asking for assistance and doing the invocations.We are not separate with Mother Father God means that when pain is present we can ask for it to be taken away, it is not ours to carry and only Joy is the order of the day at all times.So yes :Feel More Than Fine at all times is the intention at all times, what one vibrates, one creates!To Feel More Than Fine is to be the Love ,to be the Light and the Joy one knows is.
Sometimes it takes more time to recalibrate our being to truly feel IT, especially like now being in these extreme energies of 12-21 portals.And that is because there is a lesson to be learned.As Abraham Hicks says:i’’t is ok if we don’t always feel it, be easy about all this on yourself’’. How many lessons are there to be learned while progressing in living a 5D life?we will find out!’’Well, HO HO HOSurprise Surprise cut III’’ to be continued, hopefully this time with immediate action knowing fully what needs to be done as i/we remain in gratitude for all ‘negative’ moments in my/our life, shaping the person I Am/We Are becoming.
Austerity?yes, grateful for having experienced it because without it, i would have never felt the joy of manifesting small and bigger things and that Feels MOOOOOOre than Fine,the more ‘O’s the more Love as LOOOOOOOOOOVE.

Austerity like the homeless man on the picture of this blog sitting right next to me while i am posting at Starbucks.I Create Homes for All Homeless on the planet.And So it is.And So Be It!

And so now here comes the bonus of all bonuses:Isn’t this because i am one with GOD that i feel also what GOD feels? IAM GOD,IAM. And isn’t this the proof, at least the proof for me, from my own experience, that GOD is experiencing HIM/HER-SELF through me and each one of us?the joys and the tears of me and all ? the cries and hopelessness of me and all? the misery and fulfilment of me and all?

I wish you this Christmas Holidays to go into your cave within to find your innocent child baby Christ being re-born again, even when we know this is not the real b’day of Christ, Love is LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE ,i wish you to find that indeed It is UNLIMITED.Where do you stand in your pain and what needs to be released from personal traumas in this life or other lives, this is only up to you to know to discover and to always remember to ask God, The Creator to take it away because one way or another you came here for the purpose of Joy.YOU AND ME ARE UNLIMITED BEINGS OF LOVE AND LIGHT.
I wish you to truly FEEL this DEEP in your Being so that it becomes integrated as knowledge from within and not just something you read somewhere or somebody writes about.

And then out of pure joy emanatating from your being ,find somebody on the streets that is not as blessed as you are and show them love,give them a bottle of water and something to eat,some monies maybe,always out of joy,never because you feel you have to.

Much Love!

Feel More Than Fine


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