Week 52 Message | Archangel Michael via Sharon Stewart

April 17, 2022

Archangel Michael Group

Week 52

Sharon: Hi folks! Well, we did it! It’s our anniversary. Congratulate yourselves and be grateful for Michael’s guidance and tutelage. Pat yourselves on the back as well! We’ve done so well.

Michael: I am Michael. You have created so much change, and yet you do not realize. We of the heavens do see the change you have created. Let me cite some examples for you now.

We have stopped a war event between the U.S. and Russia over Ukraine. This is still ongoing. We are transmuting the energies in the area to align with the Light.

We have helped the indigenous people of Australia to continue to stand against the darkness in that country.

We have helped to stabilize the artificial 4D timeline in order to allow many to jump off, if you will, onto the natural 4D timeline.

We have helped to infuse the 5D grid with more energy and this has helped to stabilize the entire ascension process for earth.

There is more. Please understand your efforts are working. Even if you feel you do not see results, understand they are working. For many areas of earth, events could have been a lot worse had your energies not been so lovingly given.

I did not ask you to help because I thought we would fail. I knew we would be successful.

So again, I ask you to send positive energies to the Ukraine. This will help to stabilize the area and will help to awaken those who feel a war is imminent. It is only imminent if you allow it to be. Look at the area of the Ukraine as a melting pot of energies and all the souls who are thinking about it are connected to that melting pot. Please submit your love to that melting pot and energies will be transferred to those of lesser heart.

I am Michael. I am your leader, I am your Light, we are Legion.

Again, my heartful gratefulness for your participation, angels.



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