this week :we will again focus upon Australia, particularly in sending light energy to Uluru. (aa Michael via sharon)

by Sharon Stewart

I am Archangel Michael with a message for the Angelic Warrior Group.

As we near the revelation of the first hurdle, and all of its consequences befall those who have perpetrated heinous atrocities upon the people of Earth, we move that much closer to the idyllic life that awaits all those upon the planet who have signed up to bring earth forward into its New Age.

This has not been without its delays, dilemmas, setbacks and its worries. But, you, lightworker have stuck it through understanding that the mind creates the matter and with this understanding you have held true to your ideals of the universe and the ideals that should also aid earthlings in their future quest of Light.

Again, we have many areas to choose from where our focus is needed. We asked you last week to focus upon your own country and many of you have done this, and this exercise was for you to understand the fourth dimensional mindset. This mindset is of service to others, yes, but in serving others you also serve yourself as you are included in those that you serve. Many of you understood that in sending Light to your own country, this would help to liberate you further.

It is the same with earth in its entirety, but also the same when you send energy to another country, for we are all One. All of humanity upon earth is a single consciousness and that consciousness in turn is a part of God or Creation. In helping others, you also help yourselves.

With this in mind, we will again focus upon Australia, particularly in sending light energy to Uluru. The native peoples of Australia are under particular attack, and they are the keyholders because they hold the information within themselves that the rest of you need in order to bless the earth again with the grace of a powerful human. They are indigenous to the planet, and many of you are not. When you trace your bloodline back, you will find it is extraterrestrial in nature. Although your bloodlines have adapted to life upon earth, you are still not the first peoples, and those first peoples now need your help.

I bid you please send your love and Light to Uluru.

I am Archangel Michael. I am your father, I am your mentor, I am your Light, we are Legion.