We are in the process of intense and immense transfiguration – thus a changing of form and existence.

The old Duality and Polarity Consciousness and thus way of life and living has been left behind – and thus with it we need shed the old personas, the old acting, the old stages. All of these do not work anymore, and the more one desperately clings onto all of the Old, the more all will disintegrate. It in truth exists no more.
I am going, and have been going, through intense transfiguration in the last few months and especially the last weeks.
When this happens, one has left the old behind. One is transfigured and now enters the realms of no-form. Formless. Not yet formed. This is in truth the state where one so become ATONE with the Divine SOURCE and All-That-IS, that one BECOMES it! One starts embodying it, yet it is not a physical embodiment, but the highest TRUTH of BEING! The I AM THAT I AM!
In this state there is no polarity. The is no duality. It does in not exist. There is just ONE. Unity.
The message I clearly got, is cease striving, cease expecting, cease to create form where there is none. For when you are no form, you exist in all forms and expressions, yet there is no attachment. You literally become the ENERGY and co-create within energy AS ONE. The Divine Source in truth is pure ENERGY and thus when one is formless you are in truth All-THAT-IS!
This transformation and transfiguration is what all of you will go through, at some stage, if not now. Within the formless, lie the seeds of Co-Creation: the New Golden Age, the highest form of existence. It is the breath between breath. It is the breath and the breathing itself. It is the Word which vibrates and creates and send out cosmic ripple effects on the whole.
The new YOU is emerging yet needs now to experience no-form in order to be formed into the highest Divine Soul Self.
It is indeed a miracle within miracle within a miracle.
Embrace this state of non-Being, no form with joy and love.
The more open the heart center, the more the Gateways and Portals within yourself open and the more the ATONENESS grows. Wholeness. Completeness. Peace. Equilibrium. Transcendence.
One cannot polarize anymore.
As this is a total transmutation, the past is now totally dissolved and left behind.
The Future is still taking form and shape.
The PRESENT is all there is and allowing oneself to be the non-form and in the non-form embracing the whole Omni-verse within!
Therein lies the blessing – the gift.
Are you ready and open to transfigure into the form-less where there is just ONE?

Judith Kusel